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The 8s to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center. Thanks Gigi, we'll start off in Virginia this time around the eastbound side of I 66. You've got delays from 28 till just before the fairfax county Parkway that's for an accident scene involving a single vehicle that did bump into the Jersey wall along the left hand side of the roadway and as expected because of the delays between 28 and the fairfax county Parkway. Now we're seeing delays on southbound 28. You're going to see those brake lights starting off right at about WALL-E road. Good news is, once you get past fairfax, county Parkway, you'll be our right headed towards the beltway. Southbound 95, hearing reports of a vehicle fire near the Prince William Parkway proceed with caution there of course because you've got those Jersey walls on either side makes that section of roadway a little more crowded than usual. South of that point, no accident scenes reported near the aquia harbor, but I'm seeing serious delays between triangle, aquia, and even down towards the Fredericksburg area. It is a Friday, it is summer, a lot of folks leading the area. In the district, as mentioned, Mark said it a few moments ago, Douglas Douglas bridge is currently closed that is shut down for a protester, and it looks like the workarounds are also jam packed right now, and anacostia drive is the U turn point there. So you're going to see a lot of motion through that area. A lot of folks opting for the 11th street bridge to leave the district so you're going to see a lot of extra volume on the southeast Southwest freeway trying to get onto D.C. two 95 northbound. So because of that, you're slow on two 95 all the way up towards east capital street, southbound, not looking much better, you're slow down towards east cap as well. Northbound BW Parkway between the beltway and up towards 97, normal delays, I 95 slow in either direction, headed through Laurel as well. Eastbound side of 32, a work group near route one looks like it's on both shoulders, but that's enough to cause delays here on the eastbound side. One 8 6 6 three O four WTO piece of traffic tip line in case you see something I don't, Carlos Ramirez, WTO traffic. Now the forecast from chuck bell skies are going to remain partly to mostly cloudy well into the afternoon hours, but there's

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