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The corner of the fridge after really get it up in there and what happens is creeping in creeping in creeping in stop like i'm right there then the car stops it starts again and it scares me every time i'm going to smash 'fridgerator to go four the worst time carter stop when you're trying to i wanna creep in another four inches and it keeps shutting down and starting in as fuck it pull the fuse so you guys can pull the fuse yeah yeah the screw the button the button shuts it off i dunno momentarily or temporarily but when you get to the next stop light like it's back on again i just pull the fuse and it's it's heaven heaven on earth grocer there's various layers of the whole how long you stop for does it ruin your bearings and stuff because oil dripping is throw dave coons and bring him in about castrol edge tech advances made engine smaller but you gotta take care of those engines with the start stop thing right you need the best motor oil you can find castrol edge with titanium technology they by the way have gotten together and created a challenge called titanium gamer inspired by the need for speed video games find out if real or computer based driving skills are superior and see for yourself go to castrol edge watch them deliver the great lubrication also check out castro usa youtube page and watch this video good to see a dave good to be here at him i met the san marino motor classic coming up on sunday with the party the night before usc marching band if they don't play tusk sums wrong right that's lacey parks marina sandrine as kind of next to pasadena or maybe incident pasadena it's its own city but it's right next to dina in the valley and a lot of people who come to the show you go to this huge thirty acre park.

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