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Roots 3 93 95 nothing in your way to and from New Hampshire Route one's looking good Chelsea two people, David, said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes. And looking at the four day forecast a mix of rain and snow at times near the coast, where there can also be a slushy coding in a few spots. It's mostly going to be light snow north and west of 1 28. Maybe a coating of an inch of snow of accumulation more possibly toward the Worcester Hills. Low 34 in Boston closer to 30, north and west Monday mostly cloudy a couple leftover showers and flurries tomorrow night High 38 that night down to 32 Tuesday Mostly cloudy, high 35 bit warmer Wednesday. High 38 clouds but some breaks of sunshine right now it is 35 degrees in Jamaica Plain 32 national in New Hampshire, 30. Six in Abington, 35 with little snow and a lot of fog in Boston at three. Excuse me for 35. This just into the WBC news room with 216 votes. Nancy Pelosi has been elected House speaker once again this as the 117th Congress is sworn in today on Capitol Hill. Pelosi served as House speaker in the last Congress as well. Springfield Church was destroyed by fire last week and now a main man is facing charges for three alleged arson attempts earlier in the month, WBC sherry Small explains. On Friday, Pittsfield police arrested Dusko Vulture of Houlton, Maine, He's accused of attempting to burn the Martin Luther King Presbyterian Church in Springfield. Once on December 13th and twice on December 15th. He faces three charges of attempted arson seventies We've been actively involved in that. That community as a really a social justice charge. The church's pastor, Dr Carolyn Curry, Avery says those two fire attempts went unnoticed since right now the congregation meets virtually. But on Monday, December 28th a major fire gutted the church. That was a church building. We are the church and we will continue the.

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