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Andrew always good to talk with you. Especially after a week off. I was doing the cruise thing last week. So we didn't get chance to talk with you and decent amount of stuff happened. Whether it's the Seahawks, cutting guys like Doug, Baldwin and Kam chancellor bunch of people got signed certainly the patriots signed three guys the Seahawks signs. Iansa eagles signed a couple of guys recently giants and dolphins. Both got right tackles. It's really unbelievable isn't Andrew that, you know, this comp pick get line for signing a player and having it count. It's almost become its own new second wave of free agency. Yeah. It has Ross. And that's something that really wasn't an issue so much when I was in the league again ten years ago never really talked about this. I mean, I'm talking about all the people that ran teams in terms of. Yeah. Let's wait until the compact formula deadline is over. So we can do that. I never really remember having these discussions, but I guess it's like, you know, the analytic craze that everybody's looking for low edges that they can get and why signed a guy who's on the street, you know, after the heavy signing period in March of a guy still out there. He's probably gonna still be out there in may. And why do it then when he's formulated into the complex formulas? So this is yet another thing that teams are always looking for an edge. How how and and again, let me just set the scene here back when I was negotiating contracts and running the salary cap. I was the Depa. For the Green Bay Packers. It was me. Now, I'm talking to people general managers that say their salary cab contract department is like five people, you know, this is where we're going and sports and that has been the case in other sports. You know, you, and I are around Philadelphia the seventy Sixers I think have a cat contract analytic staff of twelve people. So this is where it's going and took ball has been the last adaptor to all these little measures, which I guess we lump under the heading of analytics, well, an Andrew you already know how I feel and my disdain for compensatory picks at all. But I think doesn't it kinda defeat the purpose. Now that everybody knows what the rules are or has a better feel for the rules as it relates to compensatory. Picks, and everybody's kind of gaming the system doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose? Then of what they were trying to accomplish on some level. What the compensatory picks? If everyone is purposely gaming the system to maximize their benefit as such. Yeah. Well, yeah..

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