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The seatac city hall is stunned and a south Seattle community in mourning. After the tragic death of a newly appointed seatac city council woman. Amina Ahmad is an advocate for immigrant and refugee rights died in a car crash yesterday. Komo's Patrick Quinn talk. French who are coping with this sudden and tragic news to an fee. So they were in the middle of planning a Amenas meet-and-greet as a newly elected city council member. That's when they got the news that their former boss, and friend is gone. No. Just hours after her death. Her friends, remember, Amina Ahmed, the woman, advocate, and friend. That's why am who. I am today. Steps. Other follow around one o'clock Amina was killed in a head on collision on south one eighty eighth street in seatac Amina lived in south King County for the last twenty years as an immigrant choose voice for immigrants in refugee rights. And our Tober was appointed to the seatac city council. People say that why you wanted to organize all this. She's like, we all have equal rights. We need to stand together. Her loss is resonating to the city. She had such big plans for and yet while gone Amina Ahmed impact continue to live on Patrick is also saying that meet and greet. He mentioned that was being planned for is not cancelled it still scheduled for December twenty first slightly different tone. It'll be a time to honor the life of Amina amid other stories this morning. Police in Lacey investigating that fire that destroyed the Jehovah's Witness kingdom hall early Friday the fire in at six incident now since March, and what appears to be a string of attacks targeting Jehovah's Witnesses. So she county sheriff John's Naza says local church members are on the edge with all these attacks feel really ill.

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