Joe Biden, President Trump, Justice Department discussed on Kate Dalley


Forsa Justice department to provide Democrats evidence from the Russia probe. The whole ballgame for the Justice department was to try to get contempt of congress taken off the table for attorney general Bill bar. They wanted to avoid at all costs. And at least so far they've been able to do that, because of the deal that was struck yesterday with House Judiciary chairman, Jerry Nadler over documents. So as long as contempt is off the table. DOJ does not have an issue with today's President Trump and Joe Biden are sparring today in Iowa began even before president from flew off to Iowa where Joe Biden was campaigning three stumps with him, calling Biden a loser. But now it looks like he's failing it looks like his friends from the left, they're going to overtake them pretty soon. CNN poll in Iowa shows Biden, in the lead among Democrats in the first caucus state, but with Bernie Sanders, eight points back, Mr. Trump clearly heard about the Biden speech excerpts released in the media as a way to up interest in Biden's attacks on the president, making note of how many times Biden mentions him. I think he's the weakest mentally and I like running against people that are weak mentally. I think. Joe is the weakest up here, the president saying, well, pointing a finger Torchy's head Bob Costantini, the White House. Ten states have filed a federal lawsuit to block T Mobile's twenty six and a half billion dollar bid for sprint new York Attorney General Letitia, James says consumers would be harmed by the deal. The two companies were to marriage the wireless market would be control by only three companies instead of four and recent years, intense competition, spurred in particular, by T mobile and sprint as declining prices, increased coverage and better quality for all mobile phone subscribers. Street. The Dow Jones industrial average fell fourteen points, the SNP and the NASDAQ down.

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