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And at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business lash Back to edge into the red amid declines in social media stocks including meta platforms You know it was Facebook Investors are grappling with the prospect of the steepest monetary tightening cycle since the 1990s with markets pricing in more than 5 quarter Federal Reserve interest rate action 2022 following a strong U.S. jobs report The S&P is down three tenths of a percent down down 14 that has down a tenth of a percent down 39 in the NASDAQ's down a half a percent down 71 The ten years down 5 30 seconds the year 1.92% West Texas intermediate crude is down just less than 1% at 91 42 of barrel collects goes up a half a percent of 1817 90 an ounce the Darien one 1507 the Euro dollar 1436 the British ground A dollar 35 31 Two families behind three G capital major shareholders in an $8.6 billion shoemaker backed by Roger Federer that sells a $200 pair of sneakers named for the tennis legend that would imagine you could call him tennis shoes as well Mark Lehman sent a three G capital founder Jorge Paulo lemon and Carlos Alberto sukur pira I think I said that right Who created the private equity firm now hold a $1 billion combined stake in the Zürich based on holdings I'm looking at these shoes right now $200 for a pair of sneakers That's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continues now Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller Yeah I go.

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