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Onto. Hi everybody my name is justin mcelroy. We're both doctors and dismay okay. Well cities doctrine on the medical enthusiast and we create saw bones tour misguided medicine. Every week i dig through the annals of medical history to bring you. The wildest grosses sometimes dumbest tales of ways. We've tried to treat people throughout history. Oh wait we. We do a lot of modern fake medicine. Because everything's a disaster but a slightly less of a disaster every friday right here. Maximum fund dot. Org is we bring you saw bones and myrtle tool of misguided medicine remember. Don't drill a hole in your head. Welcome back fireside chat on km eight with me in studio to take your calls. The dope on the west coast over wong and morgan roads though ahead caller. Hey i'm looking for a music podcasts. And scifo and thoughtful but like most people helped me discover arden than that. I've never heard of listen. The heat rocks every week myself. And i'm morgan road than my co-host here over one talk to influential gets about a canonical album. That has changed their lives. Guess like moby open. Mike eagle talk about albums by prince joni mitchell and so much more again. He ranks deep dives into hot rackets every thursday on maximum fun. Well let's take a moment to say thank you to our sponsors. The flop-houses in in line share supported by listeners. By but we also have some great sponsors. And this week the flop-houses brought you in part by squarespace with squarespace..

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