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They've nine s markets. Cautiously waits for fresh keys on US China trade negotiations. The Nikkei was up eight tenths of a percent on the clothes. Chinese stocks pet small initial gains with the CSI three hundred closing lower by two tenths European stocks. Play small gains around three tenths of a percent. The Italian footsie mid one of the better performing indices with that domestic banks up three quarters of a percent, this morning retailers insurance names and real estate, the best best-performing sectors. So far. European government bonds traders a function of today's supply dynamic shocking of the poor German industrial production data early this morning on the issuance is expected from Netherlands Australia, Germany, UK as well as they syndicated deal from Belgium, which is weighing in the future space Belgium, underperforming pays ten year points of the curve in the Bloomberg dollar index is stronger strengthened in Asia for the first time in four days, the Australian dollar and the euro are the worst performance in g face the South African rand and lira underperform emerging market FX WTI crude has ground sideways this morning, just about forty eight dollars fifty aluminium and zinc lead base metals. Lower coming up from the Bronx apply today. We have European consumer confidence we get US. And if I be small business optimism Canadian trade balance and the US jolts release. That's from me from more. Macro breaking news at squawk on the Bloomberg terminal there. Thank you so much Michael not ally. Breaking news type squawk on your Bloomberg. That's your Bloomberg business flash. Yeah. She's beyond guarantee with more on what's going on around the world. Good morning, Nara in Gabon. Authorities say they've defeated an attempt to kublai group of military soldiers who sees control of the national broadcaster. The government says order has been restored of the gunfire rang out across the capital yesterday. President Bongo's company receiving medical treatment in Morocco after having a stroke. His family have ruled Coban since nineteen sixty seven in the UK transport secretary has announced an exclusion zone around airports will be extended from the recent thrown kale set Gatwick Chris grading says the government's also going to look at technology to detect the devices and stop them from flying in sensitive areas. And finally judge has ordered actor Kevin Spacey to stay away from a man who accused him of sexual assault in two thousand and sixteen Spacey appeared in court charged with indecent assault and battery of an eighteen year old a pretrial hearing has been set for March global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron at tick tock on Twitter. Powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm young guarantee. This is Bloomberg Markus. Thanks very much. Leeann now turning to trade next to the Chinese vice premier you her unexpectedly attended the first day of trade talks with the United States in Beijing. That's according to people familiar with the matter and the photo seen by Bloomberg. Meanwhile, commerce secretary Wilbur Ross of the United States said that is a very good chance that the US gets a reasonable deal with China for more. Let's go live now to Hong Kong where Bloomberg's chief Asia economics. Correspondent Karen is standing by for us and great to have your own as always. So the mood music after the first day of talks on Monday seem quite quite good. Really? What about the second day of talks? Do. We have details from it. Well, those talks should be wrapping up a little bit later today. And it will be interesting to see if we get a readout either from the US side of things are Chinese officials themselves gives them. Commentary on it. But as you mentioned earlier, there's no doubt that the the mood music. So far seems to be somewhat positive aid talks are taking place in the first instance, second we had vice premier Liu who popped into those meetings at least for some states yesterday. That's showing how series China takes sitting. He's he's president. She's top economic adviser securely put a series offer or they are series. We're putting enough around the table. And then you had a common treatment from the US overnight with commerce secretary will saying he thinks your ideal can be done through certainly prospects for something for prospects for progress at the very least seem to be there. But of course, it remains to be seen if they can well and truly nose-dived dealer satisfies both sides within the timeframe that is March one. Yeah, meanwhile, and Kim Jong UN is visiting China on president, Xi Jinping's invitation, the foreign ministry spokesman Liu Cong has spoken at a briefing in Beijing about this. Instead, it's. Not a surprise that Kim's. Visit has coincided with trade talks. China's also said that North Korea is not a bargaining chip in the US trade talks. Does this complicate the picture at all for investors? Or is it a bit of a red herring? Well, I think it's all part of the mix. Remember? President Trump had made a big deal last year out of getting support from China on pressuring North Korea by enforcing those sanctions up or down to border there this visit now by John is probably a reminder to President Trump that look he has he has other options is not all about soul. It's not all about Washington. He's got Beijing too. So it's certainly complicates the geopolitical side of things, and when you consider that both China, and do you after these trade talks, and it's all about and broader relations. I mean, I don't I don't think you can ignore. And do you political side either? If we go back to the trade talks, we've had in the past twenty four hours or so of China, buying more soybeans, I suppose that's one very tangible sign of there being progress. Have there any have there been any more such signs those tangible? Topics in those tangible points that we should be looking at. Well, it's been discussion over addiction on tariffs on auto imports. For example, of that would be a boon for help those US cars that are imported into China. And there have been outer. Am am gestures as well about a Chinese government are talking about strengthening IP protection, for example, that goes to the core of what you're looking for. But interestingly Wilbur Ross made this point last night and others made similar point that China has made promises in the past. There is this what's known as promised fatigue, so with ever poems, China give this time around there will one day, the US will want to make sure they are enforceable. And that they monitor their implementation, I think that's going to be critical. Takeaway money agreement won't be enough to say we will open or American under our economy in in the sector in that sector. There will have to be progress reports and progress implementation and targets I think for China to meet because because this has been a criticism of paths agreements, and when we start calling this attack war and not trade war. Well, I think by all accounts technologies at the heart of it. So it's a little bit of column. Little bit of Columbia. There's certainly good Steph inside of it. But China's technicians are certainly at the center of. Of the US concerns as well. Thank you so much. Bloomberg's chief Asia economics correspondent undercurrent joining us from Hong Kong and markets happened in a little bit of a holding pattern with these trade. Talks ongoing. Of course, there are other things affecting the markets as well. We hear from a lot of speakers this week. The stock six hundred started off a muted it's now up six tenths of a percent pretty much every industry group in the green apart from telecoms..

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