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Yeah that's wonderful how does your uncomfortable ness around crowds affect performing live you know what I love it I can't quite explain it and maybe a and eventually I will come to hate it but I think there's something about having a stranger say that they've touched you touch them that is a very fulfilling for me and it's as simple as when Rachel said that she wanted to sing with you did you start writing pieces specifically for her you know I think I started off just sort of writing Rachel is talking about like learning Ella Fitzgerald and learning serve on and I think I was like very committed to the idea that I should be very pure and right for people of the era and so I was writing Sinatra songs and fats Waller songs and Billie Holiday songs and Peggy Lee's songs and I think that's how I did it for a long time and we certainly sing a lot of those songs but I think alone at last is a song for Rachel and and I think we have a song called without a thought for my heart which I definitely wrote with Peggy Lee in mind but with also knowing that Rachel doesn't sing like Peggy Lee very often and that I think she would kill it singing like Peggy Lee kind of in a vulnerable whispering soft space and it took us awhile to get to that place in the recording studio where she felt comfortable doing it but it's everything I I dreamed of when I was writing that song and it's not exactly what you would think of as a racial price song but I think it's like exactly when I think of as as an ideal interpretation well it's been such a pleasure to talk with you guys and I'm gonna ask you to do one more song and the read this is a song that you just mentioned which was without a thought from my heart you said this is a song that you wrote thinking about Peggy Lee yeah she has a very tender very quiet way of singing that is incredibly all hers and it's my platonic ideal of what romantic female crooning as so yeah that's I wrote it with that idea why don't we hear it but before we do I just want to thank you both so much for coming on the show Rachel furry thank you very much for being on fresh air thank you thank you very much.

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