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Some special players out on the field eagles players to feel. Here's KYW's Andrew Kramer, who tells us it was all for charity, some of the players part in the homerun derby that it was offense. I defense during the Carson Wentz. Eo one foundation charity. Softball game. That was one of many fancy showed up wearing their eagles. Green Carson Wentz. Always puts on a great show. I mean he's doing this great reason great fundraiser. I mean it's great to see all teams get together. And it's just nice to see. Today this year and citizens Bank park right now. Yet all the eagles are taking the field. It's awesome. We actually see all the Philly teams come together playing in, you know, different stadiums, and things like that it's creek. They're having great time out there hit the ball, so you could tell they were definitely, having fun, taking swings bed outside notice, not every player connected, as far as hitting goes, are you impressed with what you're seeing not too much, not too much Mississippi football should stick to their Sunday job. But it's all about fun and all about fun, all raise money for a great cause Carson. Is is awesome into community, and we're on the back of the matter what he does did play he coached the offense. And plenty of autographs for fans before the game started at citizens Bank park, Kramer, KYW, NewsRadio. And now it's time for money news on KYW. Here's Bloomberg's Joan Doniger, Wall Street, the President Trump's threat of escalating tariffs on goods from Mexico, New front in the trade war over immigration, very seriously, pulling back, all three averages.

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