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The Democrats pants them by releasing a report entitled GOP witnesses. What their disclosures indicate about the state of Republican investigations and, hey, spoiler alert. This is a 316 page document. And it does not say bang up job boys, keep up the good work. It does not. And I know our listeners won't need this but to be clear, the FBI is prosecuting January 6th defendants, which means, you know, giving them due process at a trial by jury not persecuting them and, you know, but Liz, you had me at hello by which I mean 316 page document full of goodies, yeah. Oh, it totally is. Although, a lot of it is Twitter screenshots. So it's not that long. You guys can totally read it. Anyway, this report takes apart the testimony of Jim Jordan's first three whistleblower witnesses. And it turns out it's shocker. These guys aren't even whistleblowers at all, because the term whistleblower has a distinct definition under law, and it is not heard some shit at the bar after work got myself fired for refusing a direct order, ran to newsmax to tell my tale of woe. Yeah, you are not mischaracterizing these witnesses here. So, okay, the applicable statute is 5 USC section 23 O three. And that governs prohibited personnel practices within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And that provides in relevant part that the FBI may not retaliate against whistleblowers, right? And so then that's how we define this by law against any witness that provides certain categories of information to their supervisor, we don't even need to put a pin in that one it's going to be immediately relevant. And you have to tell your supervisor whistleblower stuff, right? Like, you can't just not fire anybody who tells their supervisor anything, I could think of lots of reasons. You might want to fire somebody in that circumstance. So the categories to be a whistleblower are specifically limited to information. Directly from the statute, quote which the employee or applicant reasonably believes evidence is a, any violation of any law rule or regulation or B gross mismanagement, a gross waste of funds, an abuse of authority or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety end of quote, that's it. Yeah. And so the only problem with calling these people whistleblowers as the 316 page report notes is that Jim Jordan's cavalcade of rodeo clowns a didn't follow the rules and provide information to their respective supervisors and B weren't talking about whistleblowing stuff anyway, right? Here's how the report puts it. As the interview transcripts demonstrate, none of the allegations made by any witness who has appeared so far concerns either a violation of the law or gross mismanagement waste of funds, abuse of authority or a specific or substantial danger to public health or safety. Instead, most of the witnesses presented claims relating to their personal opinions. Most of which lacked actual firsthand knowledge of the events or matters at issue. No law protects witnesses who speak to Congress under these circumstances, accordingly, the individuals who testified before the committee can not be referred to as whistleblowers, nor should the information they provided be considered protected disclosures. And guess what else doesn't count as blowing the whistle? How about sending an open letter to FBI director Chris wray with dozens of questions such as why didn't the FBI open an investigation into the killing of Ashley babbitt and why is diversity and inclusion training being forced on employees when the FBI should clearly be talking about ethics and morality and diversity? And this put last question is ray Epstein a confidential human source. Okay, all right, you got to help me here because I know Omar Epps, right? He played Willie Mays Hayes in major league two. You said you watched videos, right? So I did not watch that. Okay, go ahead, yeah. Major league two surprisingly underrated. I mean, terrible, but surprisingly underrated that was after Wesley Snipes became too big of a stretch. Anyway, who the hell is Rey eps? Well, allow me. Because for my other job, I have become semi fluent and crazy. Oh, yeah. You know, it's a good skill. Rate apps is this oath keeper produced from Arizona. Well, I don't. So there you are. Ray Epstein, this oath keeper weirdo from Arizona and in D.C. on January 5th for the riot, he shot his mouth off about the need to invade the capitol. He was captured on film by a right-wing podcaster who goes by the name baked Alaska. You don't need to know. Don't ask, don't ask, right? Do I try and go down the Transformers wormhole with you? Forget it. Just take my word. Baked Alaska. Okay, all right, baked the left. Not happening. Big Alaska is a gross filth monster. And he's big in the fascist comic universe. So mister Alaska, not his real name, got 60 days in the clink for his role in the attack on Congress. Mister Epps, however, was not charged, presumably because he didn't go in to the building. From which the wing not a sphere has inferred that he was actually an F by FBI informant slash agitator, sent to frame the brave patriots seeking to save this country from tyranny. Which is all totally false. Complete nonsense. Total nonsense. But it was nonetheless brewed it about the halls of Congress by senator Ted Cruz and several of your lesser known members of Congress. And I will give you three guesses as to which Fox host started that rumor about ray apps. Okay, well, I'm going to waste two of them because I need to say a couple of things as prelude here. So first, nice use of the word brewed it. I think that's a first on opening arguments. It's outstanding. It pays to increase your word power with Liz died. I had to look it up. We want people to listen to the show. You know, so second, I want to be clear here. The Department of Justice was very, very clear because, you know, a lot of us lefty types were agitated about it that that was going to be their dividing line, right? If you set foot on the floor of the Senate, then you would be, you know, if you actually breach the capitol, then they would proceed against you two trial prior to that. They would be willing to plead you out for time served or misdemeanors or the like. So again, no crazy conspiracy theory. Since I'm down to my third quote guess, I'm gonna go with man of the people, the Bebo tide Tucker Swanson mcnear Carlson, not making any of that up. Heir to the Swanson frozen food fortune, and you know, voice of the little guy in America has forgotten racist uncles and yeah, that guy? Yeah. Yeah, it was that guy. Exactly. So Carlson basically ruined ray Epps's life and whatever, I don't care. These are not nice people, whatever. It's not my problem. The point is, though, if you are mainlining that kind of conspiracy, you're like not really an ideal witness because you're probably batshit crazy. Yeah, and just a reminder, we are talking about just keep back in the story here. We're talking about people who have testified to Congress about law enforcement, usually hold them to a higher standard. But not here, because see above Jim Jordan. The witness who posted that screed on true social, maybe he posted on Twitter, but he definitely is a big true social God. That screen about Ashley babbitt and ray Epps and Loretta Lorenz on the tarmac, obviously. So the guy who posted that open letter was a formal FBI special agent named Stephen friend. That guy has become a hero in wing not a stand for supposedly being a conscientious objector because he refused to take part in the arrest of a January 6th defendant on August 24 2021. It was Friends opinion that it was, quote, inappropriate to use an FBI S.W.A.T. team to arrest a subject for misdemeanor offenses, and he opined that the subject would likely face extended detainment and a biased jury pool in Washington D.C..

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