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More Ben Roth this burger when we last left, you were was shaking his elbow a little, but it does not appear to be a problem Was we get more? From Jeff Hawthorne in Pittsburgh. Yet, Yeah, the drama is subsiding. A little here in Pittsburgh has been robbed this burger on that first grow after hurting the elbow through its 46 yards on a bomb, then have throw across the field that James Washington The next throw was 12 yards for a touchdown, three throws 74 yards and the Steelers have up their lead to 12. Nothing. They went for two, and that pass was incomplete to chase Claypool, who's a little banged up but has returned to the game. Office Burger 116 yards passing in the first quarter. And it appears that elbows okay, Cincinnati, actually, defensively, with the exception of that drive had played well. A couple of fumbles by Cincinnati. The Steelers have only been able to turn them into field goals. So while it's been all Steelers in this game, it is only 12. Nothing. Pittsburgh early in the second quarter here against the Bangles, Alright to l A. We go, Chuck. Hey, standing by for more on the Rams and the Seahawks, Isela has extended its lead. Thanks so much rich 508 remaining in the first half the Rams 17 the Seahawks seven on the Rams Running the football efficiently. 6 24. Mark is the second period. It was a seven yard now to Brown touchdown run off right tackle Chi four bath with the extra point that was 13 plays and 93 yards, taking 6 57 off the clock and from an efficiency standpoint, Jared Goff 13 of 16 on the day for 180 yards. He's really been spraying the football around Tyler Higbee, two for 53. Super Cup three for 48 Josh Reynolds for for 39 General Everitt one for 16. And Robert Woods. Two for 13. Malcolm Brown. Three carries for 26 Yards Kim Acres, five for 28, the Seahawks, currently on a foreplay, 44 yard drive. And Russell Wilson is nine for 13 for 126 yards. Alex Collins, six carriers for 21 yards, so Ask you what you have is a ram offense that is firing on all cylinders. Sean Digs A and Jared Goff on the same page, and it's going to be an interesting football game to see if the Rams kids stymie this Russell Wilson drive, So with 4 21 remaining in the first half It is the Ram 17 and the Seahawks seven. Thank you very much Chalk to Aaron. Oh, stir in Las Vegas. It's just a one point game with two minutes left in the first half. Yeah, coming off of that interception to lock looks really determined to make up for his ad and the Broncos got the ball. He's through back to back passes, one to Jerry duty for 26 yards, then followed that up with a pastor Tim Patrick. 27 yards that got the bunker's deep into Raiders territory. They weren't able Tolo convert the touchdown. However, it's stalled. McManus kicked his second field goal of the day Raiders came back. Hearted was actually some pretty lousy field position. They marched downfield. Josh Jacob responsible for 38 Yard there inside the 10 yard line. Just shake up 10 carries. 66 yards and a touchdown on this. It's uh, third and six right now. Well, certain goal. Excuse me on Denver sixties we come out of the two minute warning. The Raiders lead 76. Scary moment for the Saints, but they have recovered and they're now tied up. Let's get bore from Rene Nadeau in New Orleans. That's right at you know this thing. It's a bit of a four leaf clover in their pocket. They have been very lucky. The state's got a break is Thomas Morris did put with hit 49 or 10 Webster. The state's recovered at the 40 Niners 21 Yard line on Guy also, Drew Brees was sacked by Can Fabius Street defensive tackle of the Niners, but it was roughing the passer called gave the Saints New life. From there, They traveled. Three plays 21 yards, two minutes in 3 33 seconds off the clock. The final play an album come out, two yard run to tie the score 10 apiece. Some interesting stats here. Nick Mullen 10 out of 13 for 104 yards for San Francisco Drew Brees Act three out of seven for 19 yards thus far time of possession. 49 or 6 16 0 to the Saints. 702 went there. 5 20 mark in the second quarter. We're all tied up at 10 apiece. You know, Jody, It's been interesting to see the 40 Niners defense put so much pressure on breeze early, considering all the injuries they've had this year. It's almost like this game. They're They're tired of hearing and everything and they know this could be last grasp type stuff. Because of all the injuries they have sometimes. That could be a major motivator. Hey, just gave you the stats dominate in time of possession. But the most important stat, of course, is the scoreboard and it's 10 10 there. Drew Brees hasn't done much of anything. He's been under seed since the game started, but sure enough, the same tree 10 10. That's one of those things where you look up and go. Okay, we'll take this doesn't get all those ancillary stats don't really matter. As long as the scoreboard says we're tied. And shame on me. I left them out of the equation. When I was running down the team's potentially that could stay and challenge for a wild card in the last playoff berth, and you know it. Just it just shows you how far the Niners have dropped. But they are four and five and technically, just still is in good shape. Is any of the other teams I mentioned. And again a little bit of that I've court of this game. Nick moans actually played pretty well. He's made a couple of plays. You talk about backup quarterback positions, and I think that's a drop off for San Francisco when Jimmy G comes off the field, But Mullins is absolutely keeping him in the game today, and he's gonna have to do that for a couple of weeks going forward because that high ankle sprain is gonna keep Jimmy G out for a while. Run. The Bangles are threatening here and the second and goal. It is gonna be about third and goal from the two. They're down 12 to nothing. In the meantime, let's head to Adam Green in the desert late first half the bills with the ball trying to extend their lead before the break. Here's Adam. Exactly that was 20 seconds left to go in. The second car of the Bills are up 13 and nine they are driving, though I guess they're on the cardinal side of the field, Plus that it feels they must be in Tyler best field goal range because there's been a game four baths and also the troubles in Gonzales. Gonzalez 21 yard Field goal, which got the partners within four..

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