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With us in the studios donnas Z wig. She's with one mobility. How are you today? I'm doing great Greg. How are you fantastic? You are based in Waukesha, and you just opened something he opened a new facility in delve ill won't get into that in just a bit. But I know just real quickly. Can you tell us what about what a one mobility and what you're all about? Absolutely. Why don't want him ability as an excess of mobility company? We carry products, such as olive stereotypes brands, live chairs and a variety of products for short term or long term needs to allow you and your loved ones to safely age in place. And as Greg mentioned worm Delfi over very excited as we just had our open house. Tell us about the open house. I heard it was a cute success. Oh, it was it was so amazing. We had so many people come. We had during the ribbon cutting ceremony. There was hardly enough room for people to stand for as an. Owner it was I'm sure people from public offices. I'm very grateful. We have actually one of them that works for us Chuck word. He serves as a Waukesha county supervisor, we had the Waukesha county executives small business, alliance, customers friends, and we had a really nice customer, coming in this really what we do is not abundance on products. It's about making a difference in people's lives in about four years ago. We put a stair lift in for her husband, and since that time, she was really happy with our service, and she's become a dear friend. She emailed us all the time, she's on her Facebook all the time. She shows good things and bad things. And for us, it was really special because we could honor her open out very, it was very warm hearted. And I think she appreciated we gave her beautiful flowers. We had made it a local florist. It was nice. And she's I mean she has shared she shared with us. When her husband passed that's who she bought an in why she bought it. But that's why we're in business because that's what we want to do. We want to improve people's lives every day, and we want them, we want to meet, or exceed what your expectations? And so thank you, everyone for coming. It was so great. And everyone was pumped by the end of the day, because it was just so nice. We also had some are manufactures there. We had Roe independent living ads. We had golden technologies that were demonstrating our products though. It was great. You bet. A lot of brand new customers to understand congratulations. We had customers come in at a heard about us on talk radio and two other flyers. And it was great. I mean, before we even open, we have people are looking at all of our Clinton on lift chairs. I've stair lifts. It was great. We were so busy with all of our customers. Of course. That's why we're there. So it was great. And they stayed for the open house. We had prizes, it was wonderful. So we really appreciate everyone that took the time to come. Give us the location for the field facility. Absolutely. So we're at two six enterprise road in della field. And we're off of highway say, basically, it's about a mile and a half off. You make a couple turns, and it's easy to find where we are at undone in straight really just have to come to the.

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