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Orchestral score to Mockingbird. Written by believe Elmer Bernstein who did magnificent seven. I think texters will. Correct me if I'm wrong, we're going to get a little lighter here. All right. Categories here. Almost do a little research found something pretty interesting. I found out that dolph Lundgren studied chemistry at Clemson. Okay. Listen. This is an instant category. Because there's one question one question only, which own Bray is the tougher dude. Okay. We're going to start by asking you is it clemson's dolph Lundgren. Or is it Alabama's bear Bryant? That's right showdown. Cheesman right now starting with clemson's dolph Lundgren as maybe the toughest man ever. Yvonne Drago undefeated every weight world amateur champion, captain even has come here with is threatening to America to compete as an international sportsmen and ambassador of goodwill has Drago over boxed against a real professional from having being trained in Russia by great boxing, coach manual Vega. And now by said, Jillian scheme, we hope he's qualified to do. So I know he is I don't want to sound too confident if possible we would like to have an exhibition bout with your famous champion rookie by. It's hard to compete with that. Drago toughness, by the way, noted that interesting little.

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