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I know really. What have you had an opportunity? I haven't. And I don't think I'd want to the break dance contest in my hometown. In one thousand nine hundred forty one. Thirty forty years. I actually was the originator of break dancing. Oh, did not know that it wasn't there. Wasn't there some break dance movie? And then the subtitle was electric Bigalow? Yes. Snake into? Break in break into. These days because it's not PC is it you can't say eligible Gulu little take. We just did. We say something that's not PC on this program. So yeah. As long as it's like, non gender thing tenure, I gotta be honest with you. I thought it was a pretty good movie at the time was nineteen Eighty-nine earlier than eighty five or eighty six get outta here. Really did y'all in the first break in when they're dancing at the beach Claude. In the crowd wasn't really. Yeah. Because he was signed by that movie company. And I guess were just kind of like trying to get him out there. Let me ask you. This has anybody ever asked John Claude van Damme with the whole thing is on his forehead. Have you guys ever noticed? It's almost like shaped like a golf ball. There's like a like a bump on one side of his forehead. Yeah. Needs to ask me what the hell happened. Check that out. Now, I don't really look Vandamme. So I can tell you you've never seen John Claude van Damme. I have I've never noticed the bump on his forehead. I can't remember who said this. But they there's some guy some comedians, amac or somebody said that one of the best pickup lines ever use with John Claude van Damme. You look good. You say the us that maybe no I didn't. But they. From. I think I mean, I think it was in a movie, but I feel like he was too upset just started laughing. But now the guy's got a bump on his head. He's got like a lump. But I love the kickboxing somebody smacking the head on what happened. But it's still there even in his fifties wrote a reason now so so there you go a little little JEAN CLAUDE van Damme and electric blue reference to start the start the program out today. One thing that they all have in common Kerry. What's this segue? You're gonna love this cigarettes. Yeah. To be in great shape. Okay. Okay. I gotcha. Gotcha. Being in the good shape. And it turns out there's something I did not know this thing because I'm smart enough. And you would agree. Yes. True. I didn't realize this was a thing. But it turns out. There's something called Jim Tim Dacian going on Jim's today in the United States of America, the same as it only hears it everywhere, I think it was just here, Jim Tim nation. Now, I I'll be honest with you. I just think this is the further feminizing of America, you'll being feminine as long as are women, and even the occasional effeminate, man, whatever. But the whole idea that you've got to get rid of talks talks masculinity..

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