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Live from NPR news. I'm Dwayne Brown. Speaking on Capitol Hill. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the Trump administration would like to see another Corona virus relief bill passed by both houses of Congress. I want to emphasize the president and I do support additional fiscal response, and we've been working hard to try to get a negotiated agreement. On a bipartisan basis. Evolution says the administration wants to expand unemployment funds and reopen the paycheck protection program for small businesses. That program has been cited for a lack of accountability and may have led to billions of dollars being misspent. Democrats and Republicans remain at odds over the size and scope of the next eight package. A national survey finds. Many nurses say they still face on safe working conditions during the pandemic because they don't have adequate protective equipment like masks and gowns. NPR's Will. Stone has more on the report from the American Nurses Association. More than 21,000 nurses were surveyed about, 40% said they continue to experience shortages of personal protective equipment. And close to, 60% said. They're reusing and 95 masks for five days or longer. Those masks filter out tiny infectious airborne droplets and our only intended to be used once. Dr Ernest Grant is president of the American Nurses Association. We need to reach a point in this pandemic or nurses do not have to function in a crisis mode. There are federal guidelines for decontaminating and reusing masks. But Grand says after repeated use the equipment breaks down and is not as effective Will. Stone NPR NEWS Washington U. S factories expanded at a faster pace last month is manufacturing continues to rebound rebound from the Corona virus recession factory output has been growing three straight months. 15 of 18 Industries reported growth in August, led by wood and plastics makers. You're listening to NPR news. This is W n my sea in New York. I'm Jamie Floyd. New York City is delaying the start of the school year until mid September to allow for more prep time for teachers and staff. Under an agreement reached with the teachers union Online orientation will begin September 16th and the full school year for in person and remote instruction. We'll start September. 21st Mayor De Blasio says the city is committed to getting the restart right to give parents the relief they need. We know that families have gone through so much over a million Families lost their livelihood just in the last six months, so may people are hurting in this town. So many people are hoping to get back to work. So many single parent households where the ability to send a child to school is crucial. The city will monitor covert infection rates will be which will be vetted by both health and union officials will have more on this story in the five o'clock hour of all things considered with our education reporter Jessica Gould. People arrested for urinating in public or possessing small amounts of marijuana can be arraigned virtually instead of coming to court. In person. Thousands of desk appearance tickets have been backlogged since the pandemic began. However, Elizabeth Pichler of the defender neighborhood defender service in Harlem, says it's been impossible to arrange remote hearings with all of her clients because the NYPD is tickets don't always include accurate contact information. She worries people will show up to court on the dates they were assigned. It's not a safe place for them to be. It's not safe for groups of people to be gathering and we don't have any safe way to be able to communicate with them. Privately about their cases before they see a judge. Court system has been leaning on remote hearings to limit density during the pandemic. And governor, Cuomo kicked off opening night ceremonies for the U. S Open tennis tournament by touting the state's response to the pandemic. In a video message last night, the governor said he's proud to be able to hold the Grand Slam at such an uncertain time. We showed what it means to be New York Tough That's why I'm especially proud that despite all the challenges we faced New York and my home borrow of Queens is still hosting the 140th US Open this year. During the height of the state's outbreak. The Billie Jean King's National Tennis Center was a temporary hospital currently 74 degrees in Flushing..

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