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That seems to be breaking this morning. Dave Schwann, WGN news room, telling you that it looks as though There could be a settlement compromise. What would you call it exactly that Well, they're going on between the city hall in the teacher's union. There are there are reports of talks that are continuing. We just got word from the mayor's office that she will be providing an update and around a half hour So we will hear more from the mayor, White Foot and also Dr Janice Jackson from the Chicago public schools, But his terms of you know where we stand with any type of tentative agreement. Kind. Things are up in the air, getting some conflicting reports here on this s O. We should hear more from the mayor's office in about a half hour or so. Okay? All right. We'll look forward to getting some details on that. I know parents will be happy to hear if there's any sort of resolution with that, or Least steps. What I mean, Whatever. Whatever they may be announcing today, it's still gonna have to go before a vote, right? Yes, the teachers union, So it's not like things are gonna happen tomorrow. Yeah. Everything back to normal tomorrow. No s o. You know what, again? We'll hear more clarification on all of this information came out all of a sudden here within the last 25 minutes or so from the mayor and Janice Jackson here, so We will keep you posted. Okay? Is it weird that every time you say Janice Jackson, I think of music. That's you. That's just you, Miss Jackson. If you're nasty, that's you. I'll bet I'm not the only one that thinks that I'll betcha. Oh, names. They're similar, not not the same, but very, very slightly similar. Okay, So you know what? Since we may be hearing from the mayor in the next half hour, I think I'm gonna call an audible here and maybe we'll do our a list interviews. A little on the early side is still to come on the show for you today. It's become a tradition here on the Sunday of the big game, as they say in law offices that we on our food time show instead of focusing on Super Bowl appetizers. Is this? Wait, wait too late for that hours before the game. We focus on soup. Get it soup, herbal recipes, So we're gonna talk on this Super Cold day that we've got Super recipes for soup things today on on our a list interview. We've got Academy Award winner Jodie Foster who we talked to Ana Zoom call recently. Get to that coming up in a few minutes, and also Salma Hayek, who has a brand new movie out. I wish I would have liked the movie. A little better would have loved to have given it a good review of the little flat for me, but we had a very nice conversation. With Salma Hayek, and we'll get to that coming up in just a little while, So let me take a break. And when we come back from that, a two time Academy Award winner Jodie Foster next on double. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to a park ranger. But the only quotes they'd probably give you would be about the beauty of a fallen leaf or ripples in a pond. Not the kind that could save you money on your policies. Or.

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