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Damn butterfly ideas, Madame Butterfly. Madam. My damn. But these damn butterflies are all are really not my damn Madam Sapporo Beer Hammer. I only I love this beer. Would you like your own here? Yeah, I would hope you would pour me one since you have them all. Thank you. Thank you. Here's my damn baked Madam Bear. We're going to get some damn bait. Sapporo is I only drink this when I go to like a Japanese steakhouse because it's ah, It's ah, It's the official. Very Japanese. It is well. Sapporo is like the fifth largest City in Japan that this bird has been around since. Like 18 76. I really don't drink enough of this beer. I wish I would. In fact, a hibachi grill there on Michigan Road was the last restaurant I went to before the pandemic started. I had a bunch of sparrows that day. Thank you to the Indianapolis Opera for bringing this by. Thank you. That's good. Oh, man, and they brought a cold to by some people bring up beer, and they expect us to get it cold, which is fine. But it's next level when you bring it call. What happened to you Bring us beer. We mentioned your event. Do you wanna mention it one more time? Yes, it is. November 1st Special 90 minute presentation starting at four PM I say, Madame Madame Butterfly someday and bait And this is a big deal and amazingly talented people with the Indianapolis office. Thank you so much. Absolutely. We'll be right back. Another J. Foreigner here. CEO of Rocket Mortgage. Making the right financial decisions has never been more important. When you turned a rocket mortgage, we can help guide you to those right decisions now when they matter, most.

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