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Remember this guy's a five time Draft dodging chump Coward am a coward who got a doctor to write a note, Tom, but he has a barn bone spur in his foot. Therefore, he's not available to serve. He'd have no bone spur. He was a coward. And now he's a commander in chief's entities. Federal troops with no identification on him, and they Throwing people in car. People disappeared in there. Thank you, but he got the right one that did not start in Portland and too many of us up there, he told the white folks in the cause. And these people are pushing back down because the men that ran to the front lines say no, No, we'll even let you But Miss Jane on Miss Rachel and Miss Elizabeth missing. We got a serious problem here, and they're going for themselves with another Ruby ridge now. You have a lot of down. I'm not seeing anybody, Mr during through them, but monetary damage is coming. It is coming. That's coming. You can reverse too sure of that. And they, you know, they take as the mayor of Portland up there, so you know. Ah, it's coming. Look, we gotta take a break We got taken will be back in a moment is too much. Trooper Derek Bozeman on news and talk. 13 80 Wook right back too much truth can handle the truth. And your host Derek Bozeman on news and talk. 13. 80 W okay. Tell us of 40489273 on news and talked 13. 80 W Okay? I am a major Cooper in full gear with your traffic.

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