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Business flash volkswagen is planning to replace chief executive officer mataya smaller with herber dis the head of the namesake brand according to people familiar with the matter the change will be discussed at a supervisory board meeting on friday that's according to those people who asked not to be identified speaking ahead of an official announcement of he w spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment shares have jumped as much as four point seven percent today which act the markets for you every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day here on bloomberg radio and right now sp futures are up twentynine points that he's one point one percent dow futures higher by two hundred ninety six points that almost one and a quarter percent nasdaq futures about ninety points that is a little better than one and a third percent ten year treasury prices down seven thirty seconds the yield a two point eight zero six four percent and oil is taking off today west texas intermediate is up one and two thirds percent now that is a little more than a dollar a barrel at sixty four forty seven a barrel brent crude up by one and three quarters percent dollar sixteen a barrel at sixty nine eighty two and that is a bloomberg business flash tom and jonathan thank you so much you know i think i don't listen to the currency rather the data checks i should say of karen moskow and bob moon but bob just save me there with a real move and oil at right now up a stick and you see it in weakish turkeys weaker turkish lira four point one zero vaulting to weaker point dollar ruble as well showing that weakness this is the interview of the day on syria stephen cook is at the council under foreign relations he has done long and hard thinking about syria about french syria and the greater in near middle east stephen cooks thrilled that you're with us today let me begin with an open question what will you listen for from president trump and his generals thanks for having me on and i think it's i think the president has been clear in signaling that there is an american military strike in the offing he has said over again that those who are responsible for this terrible chemical strike are.

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