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A cold snowy third layer mints and the choice only say best most of the lawyers can break this twelve game losing streak using online go see if they can heat up the needed reels over to on the left corner that's not a good start if the off rules of freedom what's up by thirteen not a good way to start off by one side let's go right now six to twelve from downtown the night Gordon the other way for three lopsided shortly about Miley the workshop from Gordon but like to see a bit more aggressive your the thing ever going off of the list yeah the mind that shot lab pass inside the frills a he almost threw it away yes they very often in the left corner and also the free throw line impacted thoughts well the shoot this led away in the second was the by thirteen thirty eight twenty five Alison now working and tell they kill it with three seconds on the clock in el Centro able before you got the shot off turn over what now is that was definitely some good defense by tell that I mean definitely a smaller pony trying to attack a mini skirt is ground full court pressure from the private noble back off a liberal amount of time on military Lana points as a woman in the sun in a private by thirteen during a drive love side goes reverse let miss the shore rebound Lee and then leaves fell by gore not a cheapo region.

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