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From eyewitness news this is news makers it's another name in the ring in the race for governor but not in the way many expected former republican lawmaker joe trillo announces his candidacy but as an independent for now leading to republicans to battle it out in the gop primary cranston mayor allan fung and house minority leader patricia morgan this week what morgan thinks of the new wrinkle in the race and how she plans to stand out on a ballot that feels like it's getting more crowded by the minute our guest on newsmakers republican candidate for governor patricia morgan welcome to newsmakers armed tim white joining me on the program from wprocom reporter ted me see leader morgan good to have you back in the program thank you for having me why'd you want to be governor because i think our state's going in the wrong direction and i think i have i have solutions that will make the lives of rhode islanders better all right diving to some of that policy but first i do wanna get you to weigh in on the joe trillo announcement uh that he's running as an independent did that take you by surprise it did it did all you were you aware this was coming at you got whispers letting commie but i i he didn't tell me that he was going to do it the next day um you know we each have to run our own race and in my my opinion it's the people of rhode island who are going to make the decision about who they want leading the state i'm gonna make my case to the people of rhode island and um i think i have a really strong message a message that will attract them i i expect that i will prevail so you've on sure heard it the school of thought that having a at least three three candidates on the ballot in the general election uh helped governor raimondo win reelection what do you say to that i think that i.

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