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When you are pregnant some of those medals aren't going into baby educating women about how to eat well before and during pregnancy i mean i always say like as healthy as you go in as as healthy as you come out her sure so we talked a little bit about supplements is tools what are the other tools that seemed to work for most of your patients like better foundational to a healthy lifestyle we talk about the plant based paleo eating philosophy a lot and people are like wit plantbased paleo crime fiction we should all be eating mostly plants and a lot of fiber americans get like you know no fiber and a day and you really should be getting to thirty to fifty grams i guarantee if you did a rough count or most people did a rough count they're not getting anything close to that which is not great for blood sugar it increases colon cancer risk if you're getting a lot of fiber from whole foods sources you're getting that means you're eating a lot of plants and then from there protein most people aren't are eating a very high carb diets whether you're getting plant based proteins or well source to animal based proteins we're not dogmatic about being vegan or eating animal protein that can be a really personal decision there's many ways to be healthy whether you're not you eat animal protein and whether or not that's part of your ethical or personal philosophy but we see people eating far too many carbs far too many refine carbs far too much sugar and knock getting enough fiber not getting enough greens and not getting healthy fats you know we're really supposed to get around a four to one ratio of a mega six fatty acids which are the fats in like vegetable oils and things versus omega threes which is like you know fish oils and flexitime walnuts and america people get on average something like twenty six to one which literally means that the building blocks of your brain in the building blocks of your cells which are fatty acids are not able to be composed of the right fats so it's like it's like building your body sort of in the wrong way.

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