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Rape, Thomas Bart Whitaker, Texas discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Five get tip that's 95 get temp or get dashed temp dot com because this is taught are 60 key as evolve san francisco san jose oakland a cumulus station now on amazon's alexa over in the case of host gil yon said what should the arm sheriff's deputy assigned who stolen douglas highschool of done when he arrived at the building were kids were dying when in address the killer kill the killer by broward county sheriff's scott israel says school resource officer scott peterson did not do that he just took up a position outside the building correspondent martin savage says that news was just starting to come out behind the scenes there had been reports that families of those young people who had been killed in the attack had become aware of scott peterson and the fact that he had not gone and despite the fact he was outside the building they were tremendously outrage israel says the evidence of peterson's inaction is on video israel today suspended peterson who then retired from the force what can be done about school violence president trump's repeating his idea of arming teachers he has told his advisors that he wants to lead on the gun issue unlike his predecessors in one of his solutions is putting more guns in schools by arming quote highly adept teachers any even suggested the idea of giving those teachers bonuses correspondent pamela brown at the white house the attorney foreign missouri governor eric bretton says his client is innocent of invading the privacy of the woman with whom the governor had an affair some three years ago britain's today was charged with felony for allegedly taking a picture of that woman when she was bound and blindfolded and threatening to publicise it if she revealed their affair redden's was booked and fingerprinted and released on his own recognizance texas governor greg habits cancelled an execution set for tonight commuting the death penalty sentence for thomas bart whitaker to life in prison us supreme court denied a final appeal for eric scott branch who was convicted of the 1993 rape and murder of a college student in florida he is scheduled to die this evening i'm richard johnson the you have three.

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