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Keep lady actor Diogo C. event L. own creativity under lockdown remember that most of the time that we spend is before choosing a failed so in a way this can do things to do and it's going to be fascinating whatever I distinct free expression exists after this whole thing south African filmmaker Oliver Hermanus on his movie multi all that and more coming up on the Alabama BBC news with Danielle yeah we'll get sky and BBC investigation has found that an Iranian airliner with links to the country's revolution regards fuels the spread of the coronavirus around the Middle East violating the flight ban Mohammed F. flu infected passengers from Iran to Lebanon and Iraq giving both countries that fast officially identified cases of covered nineteen India has recorded nearly four thousand new cases of the corona virus and about two hundred deaths in the past twenty four hours the biggest daily jump so far the new figures were announced as India started relaxing the world's biggest lockdown new Zealand's prime minister Jacinda Ardern has attended a coronavirus meeting of the Australian cabinet when they discussed restoring travel between the two countries Masada and said borders with the rest of the world would not open for some time a woman in the U. S. has been charged along with her husband and son with killing a security guard who refuse title to entry to a shop because she was not wearing a face covering Calvin Munnerlyn was shot at a store in flint Michigan Amazon has insisted that the health and safety of its employees is its top priority after a senior official at the company resigned Tim Bray described the firing of protest as as evidence of a vein of toxicity running through Amazon's culture president Nicolas Maduro Venezuela says his security forces have captured thirteen people in connection with a failed plot against his government in a televised address Mr Maduro said the thirteen included two US citizens negotiations between Britain and the US on a post brexit free trade deal will begin today via video link the talks have been delayed by several weeks because of the pandemic a new study in Australia has captured koalas leaking water from tree trunks when it rains the research contradicts the previous belief they rely on water in eucalyptus leaves for hydration BBC news welcome back to the upside on the BBC world service with me Nikki Beatty and if you then you just joined us he's a rapid recap of what you missed in the first half of the show Irish director Lenny Abrahamson talking about normal people Nigerian British author of the diary on her debut novel and we had a performance of Bizet's toreador song from a processing of Roger Williams home you can handle that by the BBC world service websites coming up in this part of the show in just a moment Pablo the rain and guile Garcia then I'll talk about the film and the we have an intimate self recorded performance from singer Anna Calvi and south African direct to all of the Hermanos tells us about his latest film Murphy for me personally it was a bit of publication an interesting page of office of Africa to do to tell a story about the trauma of whites man during apostates because ultimately sort of narrative around the politics is that white men but other traces and but the fantasy series of politics and they'll be talking to one of my two guests comedian uninvolved policies at home in Mumbai and Katherine Bray filmmaker and cultural commentator is still with us too M. and now a new film from Chilean director Pablo Lorraine which style is the Mexican actor guy Garcia then nala alongside Matt again a D. G. role of mo in the title role they play and the strange to married couples each blames the other for abandoning their adoptive son polo you might already know the director's work from his film Jackie starring Natalie Portman is Jackie Kennedy but he's best known for his hard hitting films about Chile the club which focused on disgraced Catholic priests then there is new route up about the Nobel Prize winning poet Pablo Neruda and know which told the story about the last days of general Pinochet both starred Kyle Garcia band now the VVC Salman Maier spoke to Pablo the rain on the line from Santiago in Chile and guile Garcia then I'll join them from Mexico as soon as technology progresses Simon asked Pablo about life in lockdown well we are living in a quarantine like I guess like everyone else but the quarantines that I think you know now depending on where you are precisely where I believe that there's no quarantine during the day only at night but anyway people stays home one of the recommendations stay home and here it now is that Gail yes all up a little who does not know how is it with you in Mexico here it's voluntary but everyone is taking that into consideration of the streets are empty and everybody's at the in the homes and yes so far I mean good who knows I mean because they might be yeah I wanna talk about Emma and I see how blue can you just tell us the story which you're telling with this film well I tell the story of file for example that the adult the ability and then after a number of situations they basically decided to return the boy to the foster home day the true complete which is like the national service here and that creates unrests crisis in this couple that eventually she decides to you know get the ball back to to her life on your to do that she does a very large number of things to to get it done and I would say it's a movie about about family in terms of you know I mean seventy and and relationships and all of these seats in search of him in the world to find some good music database I Kroger for runs a company but the city when we when we set the movie so yes Gail could you could you just explain Gaston and and where he fits in with the story yes this long like all the cities of the head of the company and and you know and that's very high in the sense he falls in love with them and they'd be in search of a baby among the reasons why this doesn't happen maybe they are so sucked up into their own world but in a way they are playing each other now and so that's that's who gets the needs in mind that is a you know hurts other people to try to get what he wants but in a way he he changes you know where you understand something public one of the things one of maybe the main thing that the film is about his adoption it is a story about adoption and there's a moment where one of the social workers says to Emma and to Gaston she called them psychos insane rotten heads indulging in exhibitionism sexual brutality she says the system is made to cut people like you out and I am the system do you think a lot of people Pablo will be watching this and thinking I'm kind of with the social worker you know she was right these holders what she's saying is that the things that they see the scribe other things that he did on the stage it's like one of them actually gets processed that's what we do we work on a stage and and and and that's what how we express ourselves but the main issue probably it is linked to the fact that the for many years the institutions who decides who gets to have a look at children they do it through our ranking how do you qualify to that is probably the biggest question as a moral question who's the right person to be a father and then the kind of man who would be in by six when his life be allowed to do that what about the sexual parenting and this she says I had the system meaning I represent the system but it's not only her out she's but it's also a system that is not really respecting that they first you're supposed to be the two sides R. S. we have literally one minute left okay if I could just ask you whether as far as working is concerned can you plan anything at the moment with so much of the film industry lockdown how was it for an actor yes well the moment of being able to look to be in on the sets of the films have and that is something that is completely and the uncertainty of the sink then let's remember that the most of the time that we spend is ease before shooting a film so in a way this can be of things to do I mean it's going to be fascinating whatever artistic free expression exists after this whole thing is that the same when you publish I agree with Gayle there's you know in this kind of circumstance they're always opportunities and it's true we expect most of her life developing stuff so this has been trying to think to create I'm probably all these kind of change the way we do things forever so I I bet that whatever material we come up with after the city would be would be different then and then that's something very interesting okay learner rain and guided Garcia van I'll talking about Emma available to stream now my guests on the south today Katherine Bray and uninvolved filed zero moral questions at the center of most of public sense and when I think about that question most films have a moral question and then that's why they work it's storytelling but does he do it in a way that stands out above all the people do you think I think he's very good at getting to the heart of the city I give the moon a commonplace itself never feel like life documentaries who talking about Jack he is from star not Portman about Kennedy era and I think this is like deja vu because last time I was on the also you off my favorite film schools I'm not one of them ready for school by Nikolai folly the it really instrumental in the idea of creating the mood of the time and place as well as the sort of factual infantile I mean it's not a coincidence the footman accounted Galka said the knowledge with such an interesting act because he doesn't seem to be salvaged from the idea of playing the hero being necessarily because of strong moral center at the hospital he thanked me to be drawn Hey hard to throw off a little bit more ambiguous maybe that callously or that we should be all set for something about them that makes some kind of quite complex and fairly light even though he himself if this man on the street tell me Michael green president a new bug they touch the error on the future of the film industry have you got any thoughts for the Indian film industry how quickly is going to get back up on its feet what I'm hearing him live which produces the largest number of films by volume instead you know the thing that Indian movies are known for the big song and dance number yeah that's gone for a while now if you can't really have a hundred back up dancers social distancing refusing to take those elements out I don't know what kind of movies will make Catherine if you thought about how soon you'd be happy to be in an actual cinema I think we're probably going to be in my own personal face each and towards something like two thousand one a space Odyssey or eighty eight or something like that but from within that the confines of my sterilized thank you I don't know why but I think you probably do that with your housemates on Friday nights dress up greetings see I knew it thank you both very much you're listening to the outside on the BBC world service I am the keeper AT and against ten my full attention to you now uninvolved Polish Indian standup comedian also screenwriter playwright novelist I'm fans of this show will remember you from the art center on tour in Malaysia and you'll save stones in our annual new year comedy.

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