President Trump, Dan Mccreevy, Dan Mccready discussed on WBT's Morning News w/ Bo Thompson


Are ready to put country over party. I think. We've seen talking with so many folks, Republicans, Democrats and independents people are so tired of the broken partisanship in Washington as it turns out. Dan, McCreevy is new to the Democratic Party. Were you raised a democrat or you some of your family, your Republican have you ever been a Republican? I've been unaffiliated before I've been a democrat before when he told me that I decided to check the records, Dan McCreevy was registered as an unaffiliated voter back in two thousand eleven not sure about his registration before that. He did not register as a democrat until January of two thousand seventeen about the time he decided to run for congress things that you've talked about you almost sound a little Republican-leaning you've talked about securing the border, and you've been very careful not to criticize Donald Trump. I've noticed is that because this is such a conservative district. What do you think of Donald Trump? Look, I'll I'll work with President Trump on on issues that matter for North Carolina. Like infrastructure standing up to to China on trade. Also, hold anyone accountable based on values. Where do you think he has not done a good job? Well, I think Washington is much of a swamp. It's ever been Creedy did not answer the question on where he disagrees with Donald Trump, and he dodges questions about whether he would support democratic efforts to impeach Trump after nine eleven Dan mccready was called to serve his one of his television ads. Mccreadie Tout's his military service. And he promotes his Christianity in Iraq..

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