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You what I'm gonna send you a copy of rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressivism I would've sent it to every conservative. Out there Every conservative at national review every conservative. At the weekly standard every. Conservative of the. Wall Street Journal every conservative at FOX every conservative on Capitol Hill because apparently some of them but not. Most of them have no idea what's going on Thank you for your call my friend They. Just don't Jim Saint Louis. Missouri Sirius satellite, how? Are you sir Thank you Mr. Levin for taking my call your monologue pertaining to the. Radicalism of and it has been going on for you you've stated the. Obvious with the communist and, so on and so forth when were speaking of it and the whole premises is a my statement. Is this they act all the time when they gather you can tell just. A. Radicalism violence and, it's their way or no way okay when, they gather it's itself just they. Proclaim who, they are they. Show they, are with, conservatism I really truly. Believe this we watch we observe we. Take, an approach, it is a. Lot more common, sense Based on the Audi allergy such as a religious belief why the constitution and the right to bear arms. Together in a public place without ripping it apart you've seen it and I've. Seen. It in Saint, Louis the start a black lives matter in. This nation it was a disgrace. What they, did on a. Pulse premise, and that's, what let's let's let's. Let's let's move it in another direction You have, conservatives, and pseudo conservatives I'll just give me an example Attacking Sean Hannity Because they despise Trump and they see Hannity as a surrogate for Trump Do the. Attack Rachel Maddow no they want to have. A conversation with Rachel Maddow do they attack Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski now they want to have a conversation with Scarborough Jansky No But our side attacks our, side You. Don't have to, -gree with everything Sean, Hannity says are Mark Levin says. Or anybody else, for that matter but he's attacked he's attacked by the left and by some on the right because they hate Trump. But they don't attack. Matt out they don't attack, Scarborough they don't attack regime ski That's my you understand my point I understand wholeheartedly sir in the reason is is this okay. They individuals on, the right to feel, they have the reason to attack. Somebody like Sean, Hannity so just yourself Rush Limbaugh and individuals such as your oak okay they come at you with misinformed information or. They're covering their own. Back due to the fact And I think this is the most Actually actually the right answer They want to get, in with the in crowd. They want to position themselves they want to be liked by. The very left wing. Media they condemn every day do? You. Understand what I'm saying absolutely and not based on her principles because they'll turn to wherever two dollars at and they. Will act. Like they care it's despicable it's quite. The honor, speaking to you. Mr. Levin God. Bless you God, bless, America it's thank you Jim and it's. My honor to my pleasure it's my honor to be here behind this microphone and to talk to you and have some of, you call into the program. We'll be right back.

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