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Know he'll never listen to this. But sometimes i like to think that. I don i have. I can talk. Like so candidly to eric bischoff. You know you've done good kid. Wanna go fight vince. Now to say hello crease. Nationally the first lady of the hey Hello darling shout out to kristen again. Did some fantastic work. As i said at the start of the show fantastic work the bill to bells women's one fifty celebration this weekend. Now she's catching up with the rest of her busy life and god bless you too and douglas. Everyone leaves a like on this video or view. You're listening to this podcast application. All that stuff. What did we talk about next. No i did not challenge eric bischoff to a shoot fight. Don't know no. Is it time to talk about charlotte flair and becky lynch. This is where we're at is this is. This is where the is. This is where we're at in the show. No please don't tell eric bischoff. I'm challenging him to a shoot fight. 'cause it's lie. I'm not. I never did so. Yeah so is this. Is this the part of the show where we do it where we talk about Charlotte and becky are. Y'all ready.

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