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To be a millionaire. Flashy flunkies everywhere. Country. Wants to wallow in champagne crank does it way. Better than me. That's all I have to say, you know, I may be a good singer in the shower in my own head, but Frank he's got me beat all the way round. Anyway, we are back. This is money matters with Ken moraif. And of course, I am your host Ken moraif. Thank you, Jack. I've been a certified financial planner professional for the last twenty marvelous wonderful, very exciting years, and all of the ideas that we talk about on this show. These are the very same ideas that we talk about with our beloved and most valued clients, and since we are affirmed that specializes in retirement planning, our clients are mostly people who are over fifty who are retired or retiring soon. And if that's you then this show is designed for you. And we would love to meet with you if you are so inclined you can go to our website money matters dot net. And we have podcasts and videos articles information that we think will help you to achieve your financial goals. And also if you'd like to meet with us, you had the opportunity to do that too. So money matters dot net is our website. This is the part of an and actually, you know, I would just want to say, so you know, for the second year in a row our firm money matters with Ken moraif. We were a finalist in two thousand seventeen and we're a winner in two thousand eighteen of the north central Texas Better Business Bureau torch awards for ethics. Which is a mouthful try saying that three times in a row. And so obviously, the Better Business Bureau is not endorsing us as a financial adviser. But we are, you know, one of the things that we take very seriously and think is extremely important is to be ethical, and we tried to go out of our way to be ethical in everything that we do. And so to have the Better Business Bureau, give us the ethics award for a large company, we found out to be very gratifying, and we're very thankful for that. Okay. So now, let's talk about passing onto your, greedy. Unwashed undeserving airs the fruits of your labor. This is called estate planning and part of the strategies of estate planning is a gift pack, is is gifting right giving away stuff to reduce the size of your estate and therefore reduced amount of taxes that you'll low, and so I want to go over with you the gift tax rules for two thousand nineteen because if you give stuff away the IRS. Yeah. Those guys they want tax it believe it or not they want tax your gifts. And so we don't want that to happen to you. So we're gonna talk about gifting tax rules and all that. But first Jack can you play it?.

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