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To forty eight financials hope depot buck fifty retail american express financial up a buck thirty boeing of buck thirty what was down apple down three the visa down three and a half these say visa financial growth they took growth uh i have one growth day today that's actually in the food drug beverage group and that was down two percent today so lots of chiller move it on the plate and again i know you want to hear what do you think how long it less i don't know but from by studies i think what you have is some time and price on the areas that got walked today as far as these things emerging out of bases in adding it's a new high ground uh we'll see but there was a lot of volume in them and the next question has to be can we continue this way where half the mortgage drug and half the markets lucid notice the big worried loosen yeah i think so uh i've seen it before now i will do my usual double scam tonight just the look i'm over one more time uh if the aftermarket juniper this rumors about being bought out by nokia okay so juniper closed twenty six sixty i got a 35 fifty synopsis on bad earnings but they beat closed at the eighty six three quarters ninety four three quarters work workday reported that's another one that got had hard today that's down four bucks in the f the market to 102 and change a p v h corp closed at one thirty seven i got a one thirty four in change here's a semiconductor get hit cept tech closed at thirty six and a half i got a thirty to ninety box closed that the uh twenty two i got it twenty thousand seventy cents at your moves of the sunny way i hope i have given you the tail the tape the all over for the map action i think if i wrote that anything else that uh even airlines are coming up the right side now they were very weak housing remains strong i already mentioned insurance mm there you go uh and with the dow up one hundred and four today are you ready to uh see if i can do this quick with the dow down a hundred and four amazon 33 google twenty six coherent 21 autodesk desk 21 priceline nineteen lam research 18 nvidia fifteen i.

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