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As we're talking with JP, peach Anini, the CEO at founder of JP and associates realtors there based of the plano, Texas area near Dallas. And we're looking at some interesting trends, both in terms of housing sales and the approach that apparently a lot of homebuyers. These days bring to the process of what sounds like almost. A whimsical by at times kind of a of an infatuation by just whatever whatever pops into your mind and the given time certainly not the not the way I've ever ever approached it, Tom, and Sharon, Pennsylvania, Tom a good evening. Good evening, Jim. It's your guest op as I'm listening. Jim. I two two points. I wanna make I think what I'm seeing here. And I I'm old school. Like, you are I mean, I'm still driving the ninety six s ten pickup truck and a ninety three cavalier. So I'm probably even older school, can you? And I respect, you know, use it up. We're making do do without. I think a lot of people are looking to fact that mortgage rates are very low right now, it would be maybe better if they can afford it to put the down payment on on that know that they're having a new roof under house in new furnace and so forth rather than buying something. That's existing and half to replace possibly those things in the very near future. The other thing is as far as is it a big deal. Well. Well, keep in mind. Jim what you're hearing is an economic figure that's related to how the government is run. We we know how the media is right now in terms of hyping things about Trump in in a negative way. So I think those are two factors that are playwright and getting the ratings for that matter for viewers. So I think I think those two factors might come into play here. Well, I'll I'll ask our guest about that. Is there anything in the way of media hype that has made stories about in this case? Existing home sales dropping does that strike you JP as something which is being conjured that is to say not that worthy of our consideration. Well, let's talk about what's going on in the economy. We've finally seen an amazing recovery. Amazing academy jobs are an all time low stocks are up. So we say jobs in all time low. We're talking about the unemployment rate big on an all time low. Right. Thank you. For sure yes. Recent numbers here in January not to get ahead of of of our statistics. We're talking about fourth quarter of last year. But jobs, again continue unemployment rate continues to drop so people people have jobs, but the bigger the bigger factory year is wages. Haven't kept up with home prices increases that we've had here in Texas in the nation's well, healthiest real estate market in Dallas Fort Worth the nation's number one new home market in the country, home prices have increased double digits now year over year for the last five years wages. Have haven't increase Texas being a state known for its affordability is quickly, and there's already now become a state where I really struggle to four the home into the guest's comment this first common. He's exactly a point. When you're stretching your budget already because you you came off for only at home. The last thing you want to worry about couple or is the first time home buyer. Having to replace a roof furnace or anything maintenance that you may have with an older home the beautiful thing about jobs as they come with one year where we call one year bumper to bumper warranty anything wrong with your house. The Bill will come back and fix it. And then you have the beautiful thing or the manufacturer warranty and all the major items for the next three years. What about something that I've always heard about and I've always acted somewhat in this direction. And that is that this house may be old or whatever it may be that you're buying may be older. But it was built back when they built them, right? Which is to say that I had my choice between new and sloppy or old and built like the pyramids is that just mythology. Now, that's mythology. Then we don't America has stopped building homes that were there were made the last I think in the early nineteen hundreds I live in college college. I live at house that was built in nineteen ten. And I had a still being going right across the middle of the house..

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