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COVID Europe will be there in Q one It's time for humanity to grow up and understand who we are and what we're doing Bloomberg daybreak Europe on Bloomberg radio London and Caroline heparin I'm Tom McKenzie you're listening to daybreak Europe live on London DAB digital radio So the prime minister here in the UK has a really impossible decision around additional restrictions for the UK Does he bring them in before the Christmas period This is why is Christmas so important Everybody celebrates It's kind of the focal point for the UK but a lot of his ministers disagree in his MPs have revolted in the past around more restrictions but COVID cases are soaring and oh Macron is also weighing on global markets And of course Boris Johnson has to weigh up the politics of losing his Brexit minister in the foreign secretary taking over that brief but absolutely the markets are in not quite freefall I don't have this quite the way to describe it certainly Heavy losses down more than 2% whether this is as a mundi were saying earlier to us on TV profit taking or whether this is major capitulation by the markets as they look at all these risks Yeah absolutely This also of course this person Joe Biden's economic agenda got a major hit as democratic senator Joe Manchin rejected the idea on television on Sunday of actually voting for this in massive economic package So you've got the S&P 500 in many futures sinking 1.6% and European stocks now down by 2.3% FTSE 106 2.1% right now To Dax is down by 2.8% So yes this is a real sort of end of year volatility and concern around oma cron I've been impacted on a spot index is softer the pound is off by three tenths of 1% The Euro actually is better bid stronger three tenths of 1% We've talked a lot about the Turkish lira which is sinking more than 6% this morning both against the Euro and the dollar of the reiteration by the Turkish president around his policy Futures also are now down by 5% So again you see the concerns around economic growth worldwide Goldman Sachs sashing U.S. economic growth for next year and in terms of U.S. yields were down three and a half basis points one spot three 7% Let's switch focus to what is happening specifically in the UK the health secretary Sajid javid refusing to rule out stronger COVID restrictions before Christmas after the nation's top health advisers urged more measures to contain sharply rising infections Infections in the UK jumped more than 50% in a week as Germany brought in tighter rules for UK travelers the Netherlands returned to a strict lockdown on Sunday closing schools and non-essential shops Germany's Meyers cases are only a few weeks past their peak but health minister Carl lutterbach said the country is already headed for a 5th wave Meanwhile the bidens atop medical adviser Anthony Fauci says quote I don't foresee the kind of lockdowns that we've seen before Let's pass all of this It's very fast changing of course with Bloomberg intelligence senior pharmaceutical and a sound fazeli also director of research for EMEA Sam let's start here in the UK with these very significant uptick in cases What is the latest in terms of the implications for restrictions that governance and policymakers here in the UK may be thinking of Good morning I think what we have to think about is whether this wall of immunity that the UK has built which I think is what's driving at least to a significant amount when maybe not all of the lower severity of the disease in South Africa Whether that in the UK will be sufficient to also reduce our burden on the healthcare system Let's not forget however that there are discrepancies across the UK London is one of the lowest vaccinated but on the other hand it may have immunity from infections So quite a lot we have to still figure out but we do see hospitalizations hospitalizations going up Cases are rapidly rising So when will we have a decision on more restrictions Will all depend on the balance of that severity in hospital the need for hospital bed than I see you And then of course let's not forget that the healthcare workers themselves are at risk of getting infected and having to isolate It could have a problem with the healthcare system from that perspective not just of demand and hospitalizations Yeah you've already had warnings around that over the weekend for NHS workers who are seeing people being stuck at home already ticking up I noticed that the language around the unvaccinated is becoming starker the UK taking up beds is the line President Biden will give tough warning apparently in a national address that is due on Tuesday So in Europe there's discussion around just mandatory vaccines what about that for other countries Caroline it's a very tough subject right In terms of rights and not But I don't think anyone has the God given right of having a decision that they make with regards to a vaccination status for themselves After all the data that we've seen so far that clearly impacts the broader community very significantly Now nobody is saying that vaccines are 100% against everything They are very effective in keeping that hospital They're better than a previous infection How much better time will tell But if you just can't rely on COVID like a year and a half ago and therefore I'm fine You can't rely on that Because you can't test for it that easily either So having a vaccine will have immense societal benefit How you intend to incentivize those last percentages to get their vaccine is the toughest question for any government to stop Stanford Ellie we've been working you hard this morning Thanks as ever for your insights Bloomberg intelligence is senior pharmaceutical analyst also director of research for EM EA Right now onto one of our top Bloomberg interviews for you this morning So the Chinese electric carmaker neo unveiled its second sedan which will compete more directly against Tesla's most popular model three neo also gave a road map to reach 25 countries by 2025 Now the CEO William Lee discusses the new launch of this vehicle plus the global chip shortage delisting risks and the company's global expansion strategy in this exclusive interview with Bloomberg's Charlie joux The ET 5 is a key product for us as neo has long focused on SUVs We've been looking forward to a model with a more suitable price and a larger consumer base All of neo's.

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