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It's 12 05, a US Marine from New Bedford. Who was pardoned for killing a Filipino transgender woman has now been deported. In a farewell message, Lance Corporal Joseph Pemberton says he is extremely grateful to President Rodrigo Duterte for pardoning him. He is also expressing his sincere sympathy to the family of Jennifer Law. The woman he was convicted of killing in 2014 after realizing she was a transgender woman during an encounter at a motel in a Manila area. Do turtles Pardon has been condemned by LGBTQ youth groups and renew the perception that members of the American military received special treatment under a defense pact with Washington. After running unopposed in Tuesday's primary, A transgender woman wins the GOP's nomination for sheriff in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, We get more details from W Busy Sherrice Mario de Meso is the first transgender to get the GOP nomination for sheriff in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, and also the first self proclaimed anarchist and Satan ist, who is openly against the police. The message is violent. Maryland Houston is chair of the Cheshire County Republican Committee. She's Was she shocked by the outcome of any individual penguin pay their $2 and they can be on whatever ballot they want. A Meso ran unopposed in the primary. Garnering about 4000 votes is what happens when someone goes straight down the ticket and they're not sure who everyone is on the ballot. She will go up against incumbent sheriff Democrat Eli Rivera in the general Election Day. Meso ran for sheriff before in 2018 on the libertarian. Ticket and lost Sherry. Small W B C. Boston Cities Radio Video posted online showing Georgia deputies beating a man on the side of the road is drawing very strong reactions. Here's more from a bee sees Ellyn Lopez witnesses capturing the footage on Friday, showing deputies in Georgia pinning a man down at least one of the deputies punching the man in the face. That's Roderick Walker. His attorney, says the father of four and his girlfriend had just dropped off their rental car and gotta write home cleaning county deputies pull that car over. That's when Walker's attorney says his client was asked to step out of the car. Roderick Walker faces two counts of battery as well as one count of obstructing an officer. It's 12 away time now for Bloomberg business, With financial workers doing a lot of transactions from home in the pandemic, it's harder to know if they're complying with SEC rules or engaging in insider trading. Big Brother needs to get his arms around people who are working from their basement offices working from home working at the kitchen table who can use their personal cell phone you can use, you know they're of their personal devices to communicate with people and maybe Doing things that they shouldn't Bloomberg finance reporter Lenin knew end found that business is booming in advanced technology toe Watch over traders. Chris Wooten of Nice sells machine learning software to financial institutions. We can almost mimic, but a very experienced surveillance person, Uh, the experience level of someone who's been doing this for 20 years. The SEC recently sent out an alert about remote transactions, warning the pandemic has, in its words heightened the risks of misconduct. I'm Ana Rivera Bloomberg Business on W. B C. Boston's usually.

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