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I love it. I look at myself in grade ten. And i look at ladies now on like. Oh wow i really didn't have it together but that's okay. I love all of those memes. That are like how kids dance today. Like grinding like do fun. And it's like how. I dan ryan to the windows of the wall but unlike layered polo shirts tote layer often cart move and like the plug knows and go down to the floor that that was my era. Oh yeah oh yeah. I'm hip with it. We have a dance party. Anytime you want amend so so when that teacher said to you that professor or as you said that profit which i liked that a lot. I wanna use that when that person said to you. Hey you should try. Tv did you have or do you remember having any expectations of what that would look like. Did you picture yourself as a host as it anchor. Did you picture yourself as producer. What what were you thinking at that time. Yeah it's it's funny. I would have been around. Nineteen twenty at the time So i think i was still just kind of the wide. Open a range of possibilities. I did know that. I didn't want to be behind the scenes Not that there's anything that's completely different job. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just different than what i think might natural talent lies and I in terms of like siphoning into one job. I had to try it. Also i reporting We had to do obviously editing and shooting and and behind the scenes stuff and then we did anchoring and when you got the anchoring gig in our university it was always kind of a special day. You'll get one or two days where you got to anchor the show we show university run show and all the other days were doing the other jobs and i always felt a special thrill with anchoring but i had zero idea of house any good at it when i look back on my demo tapes from then i realized i was not but there was potential there And i think..

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