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Is not something that's taken lightly. we moved from. the hill where there isn't any smell to where there is snow summer just wrapped up a winter storm blasted the west three feet of snow low temps in some areas no really piled up in some parts of California Oregon where you're listening to me Washington where listening Montana where you're listening Idaho Nevada Utah all of the the the various places have been touched by it those dates in some way the National Weather Service says this is historic because the temperatures and some of the area's dropped as much as thirty degrees below normal. so low maximum temp records are possible all the way through Monday and of course especially in the Rockies and northern California Montana governor Steve bullock said it was just an unprecedented thing to throw the state into a surprise in September he declared a winter storm emergency in that state because you had high winds you had what you have when you have this kind of a storm downed trees powerlines some roads closed off power outages is specifically the town of Browning which is near Glacier National Park had forty inches of snow on Sunday I wanted to again. measure that forty inches of snow wow that's a lot of snow CBS they expect the bill gets no they get lost no in that area but the fact that they got is as soon as they did that okay Great Falls Montana average about an inch and a half of snow was September sixteen inches and counting. sixteen inches yeah that's a record in order again for all of you listening in Oregon you know and I'm sorry the wind damage the gust thirty five miles an hour in Portland Hey all over the place the cascade mountains got about ten inches of snow roof just thinking about pulling out boots winter coats and scarves and hats and gloves and getting a shovel out are we ready for that. are you ready for that America or at least some of you not everybody's going to be completely touched by it but three inches of snow wow just not not what you're expecting some of you actually sent me emails about the snow and others about what's happening with transportation and what's going on with the latest snafu with the airlines and also course about impeachment so to be sure this hour in fact coming up on the flip side.

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