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Well it was quite remarkable actually because you would see airplanes airplay aircraft lights you know miles and miles and miles into distance all lined up to land right so it was quite a remarkable scene thirty eight planes and nearly seven thousand passengers ended up in gander they called the stranded visitors the plane people the plane people weren't there just for a few hours they were there for three days in they had nothing the passengers weren't allowed to take their luggage so they had arrived in gander with nothing but the clothes on their backs after each passenger was registered with the red cross a loose network volunteers from gander and nearby communities provided thousands of hot meals toiletries and prescriptions to the plane people bus drivers who were on strike came back to work to drive them around town it was a job gander was born to do our job hair our people came true and said we're here we're here to help you until you're ready to leave gander had five hundred hotel rooms in seven thousand new guests the population of the little town had nearly doubled overnight and so the residents stepped up and took people in and yes there was people took people into their homes heathen dole we were told not to do that because at that time they did know how widespread that this terrorist attack would they this question did they have enough food oh god you nobody runs for the food and newfoundland.

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