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Idea. We know that that's a weakness in their game that sort of implied by the fact that they're they're going about this work. I think that that's very positive arizona's secondary. I expect arizona be better against the pass this year. You know they did lose a very key player last year early on that's tough because it's not like alabama you know losing losing a corner and week one or whatever never gonna be able to replace him. You know with with another start or whatever someone who's working with. You know rich rod recruits richer. I wasn't recruiting great at the end so it's not like he. Could you shuttle in another guy. Who's going to be above average. <hes> packed starter so getting back to full strength there. I think that helps. I think it helps the arizona has a lot of familiarity that maybe not with the run-and-shoot but with you know spread aggressive offenses and the one thing arizona got going for them to colorado state didn't last year is again colorado. They went into week year. They had no idea the <hes> what they were in for it now colorado state at terrible secondary to but they also had no idea what they were getting in for in colorado state still. I think they got within single. Digits may be at the end the last nine or ten so it wasn't like you know hawaii really raced out but there's a little bit closer at the end there <hes> i i just think the arizona much better idea of what why he's going to want to do hawaii why you will not be able to run the ball in this game. I mean you guys right now. They're not running the ball and so they're going to have to throw in arizona knows that they're going to have to throw in arizona's going to have a minimum of five <hes> five defensive backs on the field at all times you know and go up from there and then you know they have these really active linebackers whatever that i think are going to be able to focus more on blitzing in this game and also dropping back in in coverage so i liked that match up a little bit more just because we seen last year when hawaii was starting to play those better teams on the schedule that's when in the passing attack really devolved and that was when they had john or suwa you know <hes> n._f._l. Fans out there. We'll we'll we'll remember. The zoo was drafted in in this past class. John rasul was was start at hawaii last year i mean he he absolutely he was probably more valuable player to that offense. If if i if i recall mcdonald's and that's not their only loss the other big thing out here that doesn't get talked about a ton is what is it absolutely farm nation. It was an abomination last sure and last year they had a guy named joining tonight that absolute stud linebacker. You know a guy who defender that a program hawaii maybe gets once every ten years and they happen to have him in his final season. You know and he didn't play the entire scene. You got injured for a little bit but he played in eight games and so they had this guy who was a top fifty. Pick in the draft. I think he was yeah. Ten eleven picking the second round by lions <hes> obviously the n._f._l. Agreed that he was a tremendous player. In despite that we finished you know as a bottom twenty <hes> defensive unit who i did and they get shredded gosh right by long plays on the rag you know both in the running game both in the passing game in in terms of giving up explosive explosive plays they were near the bottom. They're defenses a whole finish one hundred eighteenth s._n._p. Plus defense last year and then they were one hundred eleven in allowing explosive plays two opposing offense number one hundred eleven against rushing explosion number one or two against passing explosion and this is where i delve into khalil tate's now healthy you know he's one hundred percent healthy kevin. Someone says his legs back. It is a night and day difference between this season and what ended up happening last year with the ankle uncall- <hes> so khalil tate should be back when khalil tate when he can run..

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