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ABC News on Daria Holding her another mass shooting This one in San Jose, California left eight people dead before the suspect took his life shooter, according to multiple sources with Samuel Cassidy, an employee of this rail yard who came to his work and killed his colleagues. When deputies arrived on scene, hear gunshots were still being fired. Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith. There was active shooting going on at that time. There were victims shot in two separate buildings. It's Billy, you've just police went racing in Cassidy shot himself dying on scene. Why he attacked his workplace is unknown. Alex Stone, ABC News San Jose, and for the fifth time since he's taken office of shooting has prompted President Biden toe lower flags to half staff. The president's calling on intelligence officials to redouble their efforts and learn how covert 19 started and spread around the world. The U. S has been critical of China's saying that nation isn't sharing enough data or information. Deputy Press secretary Karine Jean Pierre was asked what the U. S would do if an investigation found negligence on China's part go there just yet. We have to go through the 90 Day review, And once we have the 90 Day review, will debate will be able to reassess the World Health Organization says it's unlikely The virus originated at a lab in China, a Tennessee woman accused of driving her car through a vaccination site. This is say Virginia Brown shouted No vaccine out her window as she drove her car straight into a National guard vaccine tent outside of Maryville, Tennessee mall. She narrowly missed the guardsmen and local health officials but injured several others, Police say. The woman said she was protesting the covert vaccine. She now faces multiple felony charges. ABC Sandy Field abortion rights support There's a suing to challenge Arkansas's near total ban on the procedure effort by conservatives to force the Supreme Court to take a probie. Wait. You're listening to ABC News. 5 10. It's time for your traffic and weather together. We do it every 10 minutes. Sam will check first with Kate McKay's Dana has all right, 10 Day. Yes. Have 25 o'clock. Things start to heat up a little. Brought to you by Safeway Eastbound Cap City is you make your way from 50 there the splint. It's gonna be 12 minutes on eastbound Cap city. And what's Get there? Actually a great ride all the way out to Douglass Boulevard for eight minutes downtown l Grover 11 minutes and I find I don't say anything to slow you down there we do Have some spotty slowing No on 99 That'll give you about 13 minutes from 50. Answer for our L Grow Boulevard. If you are going to Folsom eastbound 50 is going to be 19 minutes. Still slowing as you make your way out of the downtown area. But what's your past 99 again? Clear sailing in downtown Davis West about 80 gonna be a nine minute right for you there. By the way, Remember flashing Amber lights ahead. Mean move over. It's safe to do so slow down..

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