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Forced myself out forget you were in a and argue well you were how did you end up in bob dylan's rowing fund review which is one of the great classic tours of all tied with mick ronson an john by as you know bobby newer dino newer votto numerous when the most interesting cats i've ever met and he and bob put that show together and newer than i'd been hanging out up in woodstock and in writing and sing singing play an yup we were friends natura alba cape hang it up on the tour he invited me he invited me on the tour and i went and i'd never been on stage i was petrified how old we must really twenty seven something like that flout but i was always wanted to pena by when i was a kid i thought i'll be burt bacharach that's us here's the ideal life you write songs for the movies in your married dan she dickinson hugo swimming in the afternoon and blerta you know i had no desire to be out in front of it mice who had pushed you are uh poverty you know i had i had to make a living finally and uh i was being a freelance writer and a freelance wrecker producer i had a bunch of songs add twenty or thirty songs nobody was dunem so as distorted in idea i started going out about 1980 via and you're eightyearold edward song that.

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