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Beginning, June first a giant pitchers at posted a, three, point four three ERA second best in, the majors believe it or not behind. The dodgers how? About, that however for the month, of August the giants have ranking fourteenth out of fifteen National League teams in batting average on base percentage and slugging as the proverbial Opie s and they've gone just nine and thirteen. This month so they have a chance today to win a game and then do some damage to Arizona and get themselves. Some help and who knows where that will go starting. Tomorrow night today's pitching matchup is sponsored by carmax America's number one used. Car retailer now open in the bay area two, good, one Veteran pitchers today a thirty one year old. Derek Holland for the giants six. And eight makes us two hundred ninth major league start. And Yvonne Iger yard oh from Mexico three hundred first major league start one hundred twenty wins and his Dave said the Rangers seem to hit for, him when he is on the mound this ERA away from home seven point six, six oh, keep that in. Mind I now, look at today's keys to the, game sponsored. By, clock pest control for all your pest control, needs, visit Clark pets.com once again when you, play the Rangers they strike out they. Walk in they? Hit, home run so limit the, walks and get a lot of strikeouts and keep the ball in the park and honestly that is the key the other key is you gotta score got to score more than four. Runs against the Rangers because I don't care what you do they're going to put some runs on the board so you've. Gotta get your runs and get him going let's take. A look at our xfinity factor the game sponsored by expanding expanding he. Makes it easy to stream fast and watch better Enjoyed. Top networks in live sports on. The go on any, device well for Derek Holland right handers sixteen home runs you know how many home runs he's. Given up this year sixteen so the x, factor. Is, keep right he's in. The park lefty seems to do a good job against Arizona Arizona, against Texas here left these at one eighty, one against Holland. Righties to, sixty five with sixteen all, the home run, so keep the, right he's in the..

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