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Let's end with pessimism. Okay you can go first. Give me the let's pessimistic. Scenario klay comes. I guess this includes klay comes back. He's just seventy percent clay j. ready you know he's kind of. Jj rhetoric style steph. Doesn't have as good of a Health season as maybe. He did last season. That the young guys show no development. Which would be a major problem organizationally because what we haven't mentioned. They jump started their developmental staff. Kenny acts in the rabbit And so that would be a problem organizationally. If the young guys don't show development so young guys don't they they still sit in the play in mix and maybe they have another disaster play in and they don't even make the playoffs for a third straight season. Nick i assume your your prediction is like worse team in the nba worse than the thunder and then and then don't get the lottery picked fifth in the lottery right. I still have a hard time believing that this team if if steph even if he misses some time but if he stays relatively healthy that they are going to miss the playoffs i know there is some pessimism on some sides that they're just still not good enough i i don't buy that. I think they're going to the postseason but zach. This is why i have. I've always believed in the end. The warriors best chance for a title or or for this rebirth. Were discussing if were. We're putting our optimistic. Hats on comes next season. Because you see what clay is and you believe that steph. No matter what kind of year he has can still stretch out the prime that he showed he still in last year so no matter what happens this year as interesting as it may be. I think we're looking at a warriors team next year. That comes in with a better chance on top of the fact that you can get in. Maybe different veterans who believe they're closer inconceiva- clay looking more like klay after year back from those two injuries fair enough You guys both do an incredible job covering the team of your own style of your own voices in it. It's just. I read everything you guys. Do i listened to as much as i can. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for coming on. And i hope to see you at both of you at the chase center or somewhere else this season. These slater redo at the athletic nick fidel of. Espn read. and listen to you here. Thank you guys very much. He's probably all right. Let's move on. I'm very excited for this very very excited yesterday. Wrote a big piece on. What i think is sort of one of the unsaid on analyzed huge questions in the nba which is hey remember the spurs who were like the model franchise for thirty years. What are they doing to marta. Rosen's on the market soldiers gone rudy. Gay gone patty mills. The last non pop link to the two thousand fourteen beautiful game. Nba champions he's gone. He's back as a special advisor. But the spurs the spurs the gold standard are in the wilderness. And when i think of the spurs the first person i think of. Tim duncan number two gregg popovich number. Three minute nobly number four. The coyote only think of the coyote with his pants on. Don't go the other way. Don't go the other way. Dangerous and number five multiple time new york times bestselling author of the rap yearbook basketball. And everything's movies and other things essay collections on the office scrubs my former grantland dot com collie currently the host of the no skips podcast the one and only shea serrano. How are you shame. Baby what an introduction. I love it. I'm so excited that. I made the top five beating out. Tony parker david. Robinson terry cummings willy anderson. Sean elliott vinnie. Down negra beat out so many people..

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