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Like why is our head of state still because we are the fook we are a fucking clown country is why and so we need fucking clown representation in clown country. Far far away did you. Did you read that article in the irish times. It literally called it a clown. It was good. It was so good like but you know it's funny i i before reading that article. It had this conversation with dan just being like i can't believe that this is like even a discussion people are like well. No we must be still have the monarchy. The monarchy itself. You know isn't racist which is like let me get to that into in a second But like really you want to still have the monarchy like wh why like the monarchy is like A bunch of people who sit on really fancily designed chairs and where useless really fancy designed hats and and collect a whole bunch of taxes still and are treated as royalty all over the world because they told us ages ago that god told them that they had the right to do it. I mean this is what we're trying to protect her. We should i just feel like it's a no brainer. I why why would we still have this. I'm going to need god to give us an an updated message on this for me to really believe that at the very fucking least. But it's i just you know it's so bizarre and the conversations that have been happening in canadian media and the uk media have been nothing short of fucking embarrassing. The you know that that interview that erika eiffel did with With evan solomon on tv. Ooh that was good on the panel. Was david lee. It was just like such a such a great great interviews. If you haven't seen it yet please look it up and it was hilarious because in trying to defend the fact that the monarchy isn't racist like the the only thing like and we're talking about today right. The only thing that david could reach too was to say well. Did you know that it was a a monarchal canada that passed a lot to end slavery in seventeen ninety. Just like seventy ninety three and it's just like wow. That's where you had to go to make your point one. That's that is the proof that you have that. The monarchy isn't racist that you had to invoke slavery and and that's that is where you thought the best argument would be I know i mean it like his argument was so wrong as to be hilarious. And you know he refers to some law that's been discussed in. It's the law is an act to end slavery in upper canada and it has a longer name that is more descriptive of what it really was. But that's that's the law that he referred to which i guess he doesn't know wasn't actually even though the law was called that it didn't would. It actually did was made sure that everyone who is enslaved. In canada would remain enslaved for life and that their children would also be slaves and until the age of twenty five. And i mean if you consider the life expectancy of black people. At that time it was like Yeah basically the law was to ensure two generations more of slaves. Just like i is this one. Is this the one minute that she wanted to raise anyway. Of course the monarchy is racist. It like has no other literally..

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