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Even know what city they're in when they arrive. Russell hungry tired thirsty, so we're just helping them reach out and getting contact with sponsors who may be. Able to help them on the other end. Jerry's by name is Michelle from Congo. I'm hearing takes Tonio Michelle was one of the few migrants, who did speak English. He didn't give us his last name. He his wife and three children are from Kinshasa the capital of the Democratic Republic Congo. And Michelle says they had to leave because a fungal life is not good. Is not good. And he came here. I think the year I have a good life, Michelle and his family fled political strife and civil unrest in the DRC in January. They flew to South America and started trekking north crossing the US Mexico border in the del Rio sector of Texas border patrol agents in that sector recently took more than five hundred African migrants into custody in just one week. I think the migrant crisis at the US border has been so well publicized and because of all of the chaos over policymakers in Washington. DC it all gives the appearance that the US border is really open for business right now. Randi caps is a researcher at the migration policy institute. He says, central African migrants are also drawn to the US because Europe is not so open for business and because the boat trip across the Mediterranean can be treacherous. In fact, cap says many central Africans don't even make it to the sea there at refugee camps in North Africa. Maneuver stock. Languishing in really poor conditions, some in near slave conditions in Libya right now. So, you know, when conditions at home or desperate and the Europe option doesn't look good. The sort of high price long distance option to try to come to the US might be worth it. I they fly to South America. And when they get there they find well, traveled roads to follow north, the journey through Central America. And Mexico has been facilitated by these large migrate caravans by more sophisticated and faster smuggling routes in it. It's an easier journey from sake WADA, Marla onward than it than it has been in the past cap says you can expect more migrants from all over the world to seek asylum here, unless Mexico has more to stop them. President Trump has given Mexico for forty five days to Missy. You'll see for NPR news. I'm Bonnie Petri in San Antonio after arriving in border towns like San Antonio. Many of these asylum, continue their journeys north for some. It's much farther, north Portland. Maine is more than two thousand miles from the southern border there..

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