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It's beneficial longterm for these teams because there's just too much out there that's competing against them now they're just is in terms of entertainment and i think they could all benefit from a shorter season people's attention spans are shorter i do think the big picture if you could see the big pictures you your leagues would benefit i don't know that they see it that way because they see lost dollar signs but i think long term big picture you could actually see the argument i'm like give me one hundred and forty five games give me sixty five games in the nba and the nhl and keep the nfl where i mean if you wanna continue what you're doing now i don't have a huge argument i don't know how many people feel the way that i do but i don't think there's any chance that this is even a remote possibility for enough i don't think a jordan howard had to say i think matt nagy spoke as well did he not was there some convert no he didn't speak i thought somebody said he's spoken yet he's going to see going to spit he has not spoken yet talk about carrying it live ooh nice maybe we'll talk some football and also we'll get back to whether or not you'd be interested in the bulls trying to acquire leonard who doesn't seem to be long for san antonio carmen the good kidder in for sylvie it's waddle and silvy on espn one thousand that's means we're going back on the road go you know what makes this whole thing even better don't do it yes the sweet sound of football what trae is trying to say we'll be live from the two thousand eighteen nfl draft comes in and trae will let your the buses horn no i will not that's just for me golden winged go live from the twenty eight thousand nfl draft.

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