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That all i was able to do it fillets so there's no reason others should have been able to do it. But the problem was that they believed having seen trump establish it so much that he had said he was an opponent of the war on terror and was indeed a factional opponent of many of the important figures behind the war on terror and the constituencies within the military intelligence services for the war on terror the that substituted and of course when he's not escalating the war as he's trying to withdraw ground forces even at times deceitfully as you did in syrian around christmas two thousand eighteen promised that the war is in fact already over and they were coming home until he acquiesces and doesn't do any of that and so trump ultimately created a durable enough narrative amongst people who you know when there is a republican in office at least see as their job to puncture the narratives of that republican in the white hats and having seen trump in such a appropriate way ugly a negative fashion and having treated the war on terror as not pleasant. Certainly not a pretty thing. Certainly but ultimately part of what it is to take what it is to use american power responsibly however regretfully and they were never able to reconcile those two things and the aphorism has it when the facts don't fit the narrative too bad for the facts that tell i think for this narrative really comes when in twenty eighteen gina hassle bowl a strata torturer at the cia. And before anyone gets on me. I don't consider someone who ran a black site. Wild torture was happening there to be any less of a torturer than the person who pours the water on the on the guy on the waterboard. Cia public relations office would like to reemphasize that. She does love johnny cash. Exactly i was fighting with the cia on this like an actual torture becomes cia director and basically the hashtag resistance the elements of that come from the security services call a giant timeout in their campaign against trump and applaud him and endorsed hassle. Because she's one of them and she represents you the valiant people with the cia and so on and so forth Who mr trump is being so mean to and that was not really treated as the enormous tension within the anti-trump coalition let alone tracing the alignments there between trump security state and the hashtag resistance in like once. I had my idea for the book. I instantly knew like how. I had my kind of last two chapters suspense right you know. I think there's there's what we've come to think of. As sort of reign of terror moments where something appears in the news that reminds us in the way that you posited the book that were on terror brought us the trump era and everything. That's come after it. I mean i think of Obviously trump's embrace of eddie gallagher all the veterans and members the military at january..

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