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Yeah. You tomorrow. So one of my favorite bands. When I was a kid was Queen. I'm out loved another one bites the dust. They did the the soundtrack the flash Gordon you remember the nineteen Eighty-one flash Gordon movie with Sam Jones patch member of sound. I had the soundtrack album, pardon me. I still remember that album that movie came out like around Christmas time, I got the the soundtrack album for Christmas. And it's bright gold. The album cover was bright gold and the flash Gordon logo was like, you know, what's that called embossed or something? Yeah. Yeah. I mean should look that up like on Google or something being see a picture of that album cover, dude. It was it was it was as the kids say today. It was dope. And I listened to that album over and over again. You know, I remember in little league, we used to do the, you know, we will rock you rallying cry chance and dugout dugouts. I mean, Queen was a massive band when I was a kid and I was Queen fan. Now, I didn't know like anything about the band and the private lives of stuff. Seven eight nine ten year old kids back then. We had all the same potty mouth that the seven eight nine ten eleven year old kids nowadays, but we weren't aware of the potty as much back, then we didn't have social media accounts. You know, it was a big thing for people to have HBO and stuff in their homes. You know, we we didn't we didn't have porn on our phones. Todd. We had to do this deal fashioned way. We had to sit up late at night. After the parents were in bed and watch the scrambled, Sylvia. Kristel skin Amax signals on at eleven o'clock on a Friday night. I mean, we had to work we to work for our depravity when we were growing up. Right. Those were the days, that's an Americana. Right. This is brought home to me by my third grade daughter, we we're in a public school, but it's a rural school, and she said that almost every kid in our class. She's in third grade already has a cellphone. That's madness. Yes. I we. We weren't. I go back and watch the movies. We watched like goonies and stuff. And like every other words a four letter word and like, I don't remember that. When I watched it as a kid, do you remember that? Now, the movie is still gold. But the reason we don't remember that's how we all talked. But we weren't as even though we most we had the potty mouths. We were not as robbed of our innocence. As as kids nowadays. Are you know, we we still winced? When ralphie got his mouth washed out with soap in a Christmas story because we talk all we were we were potty mouth and mean to each other in our own circles, but we would dare not speak like this around any of our parents or anybody else's parents because there would be hell to pay now that to their parents, that's how things have changed. The the innocence has gone. So it wasn't until I got up one day. And I was in high school and read that Freddie, Mercury died of aids that I knew about I found out about any of this. I mean, I was eighteen years old. We didn't have that kind of information that has so available today. And he died in ninety one. I'm doing the math on your birth. Is that right? Yeah. Died in ninety one. Yeah. My senior in high school. So when the movie came when when I found out about the movie, I thought the trailer was incredible number one. But then I thought given the prevailing winds of the culture today. I just wasn't gonna I figured this was going to be propaganda. Right. And then then last week, I read an interesting column over at the federalist about this movie. And the federalist was talking about what a poignant portrayal of Freddie, mercury's life. This is how honest it was. I didn't know. I mean, I remember as a kid the song love of my life. I don't know who it was about. But that actually the love of his life was Mary his first wife that he left his sizable fortune to her and her family when he died I mean, and the film has been attacked by some gay rights activists as being homophobic by being honest about..

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