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All right we're other stat of the night Who led the stars in worst plus minus plus minus boo shares in a game. It's good over. The course of season cares. Hey skin because it's the bullcrap. Stay skin was minus three garbage. That's bad garbage. That is more than any other player. Yes i understand that but at the same time he garbage stats honest. His players for being on the is it. Make those sort of place. Chanter carro was zero. It was he better know exactly garbage stat and they more and more and then also gary on was a minus two as well. That wasn't good either again time than let's see second most ice time of ford's punishes players for being on the ice. It's so stupid. I hate that. Stay right so other are there. Stats about dhabi. So we say forty nine hundred fifty one shots that the nine sixty one safe percent say. They lost the game. Three two one on the power play. Thirteen shots it only on three power. Play tarpley's that is absolutely insane. Oh my gosh so hat. They really wasted a opportunity to win the game from. That's stolen game. That's that's a game that the goaltender should've tried up into the third. So i'll give them at the end of the third. They looked a lot better than look like they're trying to but it always comes too late every time it's always the last like eight to five minutes. It can't be that the horn goes off to start the third period. It's gotta happen. You gotta score now mentality win. Twenty is on the clock. i don't i don't get why they wait till the very end of the game. It's so frustrating. And that's that's the thing that goes all the way back to skating. Anc lack of urgency. That that that extra push the stars don't have instead of cleaning the body out or going after the carolina her carolina hurricanes florida panthers. They're sitting there sticking their stick out being lazy man. That's that's the word magic. they're great. i need some razor 'isms seriously but they just lazy and they don't have that extra that they need that extra push and that's what fresh more than anything at the end of the third because like we can. We can get chant is obviously and the third we got him like if you play that way from the start of the period we score a goal. They're like we're gonna like it was a problem. We had like five more minutes on that clock. I say what's goal so the it's so frustrating that they won't just do it from the get-go i i don't get with it is Hopefully it was just. They didn't have conditioning. But we're running out of run out of things to give them the benefit of the doubt for like really. Are i still think this is good hockey team. I do. i think they're very hurt but they should still be winning games like this. So especially when they're goaltender is good as you was so i'm still gonna hold onto that. They're a good hockey team. So we'll we'll see we'll see what happens with the rest of this series if they can pull out a series win so i actually love the three game series. Just anybody who mentioned it. Three game series awesome. I like it just like baseball. So but anyway if they somehow find a way to win this series like that. That would be a great turnaround..

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