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The day after the cheese at bowl here on the rich Eisen show where were you when Cowan TC you nearly set college football back generation. That was an insane football game. That's actually one of the few instances where I was on Twitter. And I tuned into watch something because people are tweeting about how bad it was. That doesn't usually Twitter's the opposite. Usually like, oh my God something incredible going on. You've got to see this. Go on watch right now. Okay. I'll take my cue from Twitter, and I'll flip on a rain game that I otherwise would never watch because people are talking about how magical it is last done. I just saw tweet after tweet of all the college football people on my Twitter feed that we're like vis game is awful. There's the seventh interception. I was fortunate enough for me personally. I was fortunate enough to watch the eighth and ninth interceptions of the cheese it bowl, and I'm grateful that I was able to see at least two of the nine interceptions between TCU and cow and mostly. I'm really fortunate that I got to see the great kicker send-off. Bring back on missed field goal that we. You may never see again. So the cheese at bowl still ringing in our ears after last night's performance. Cow. We'll say this much about cow being a pack. Twelve homer. Justin Wilcox is a very good football. Coach cow was a very competitive football team this year, and while nobody wants to admit it because they just played in. What may be modern days? Worse foot college football game ever. Justin Wilcox would be a really interesting name for a much bigger school to come in and try to poach at a cow because he's just done a much better than expected job over the last few years for the Cal golden bears. So the major league baseball has had a very quiet offseason. This was supposed to be the banner off season. This was supposed to be the time that baseball was the talk of the town to franchise altering generational talents. Finally hitting the open market. How often do you see legitimate superstars make their way to free agency in any sport? Every. Collective bargaining agreement every competitive landscape is geared to try to give teams the advantage to keeping their superstars. But in baseball we've been counting down the two thousand eighteen off season for two or three years price..

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