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We'll get to that a little bit. Okay so democrats are meeting in atlanta with officials from the democratic senatorial campaign committee and the d._n._c. <hes> these groups want to pick who the democrat democrat is going to be to run the isaac since they're really really concerned about a situation where the governor pick someone to replace johnny isakson soon that person is able to serve january to november build name i._d. As an as an actual senator raise money as an actual senator and then you have three thousand democrats who all wanna get advanced to show up and try to beat them and what happens is the democrats divide themselves up five ways to none and the republican incumbent senator is actually elected. They're deeply worried about that so what the national democrats want to do. Is they want to come down and they want to pick the winner in advance. Now i gotta tell you i am at least intellectually consistent on this. I think primaries do a good thing. I think primaries series forced candidates to do a better job. Take the sixth congressional district. There are a lot of people i know who are mad at me for backing karen handel again in the sixth congressional district considering. She lost against lucy and i get it. I do not think it was her fault. I think there were external factors at play. I think that the outside groups abandoned the ground game. <hes> the race was very close. She would've won. She was let down by outside groups. It was not her fault. She did everything she could in a waiver for the democrats and she lost and not by much. I say give it another another shot. She knows the district's knows the people she has the name i._d. Go fort. I understand that the people they're concerned the other side but <hes> i've had several friends ends of mind say you you know you should also if you're supporting karen you should be browbeating the other people and trying to get them out of the race and i have no intention of doing that and the reason i i have no intention of doing that is because i think a primary makes a stronger general election candidate. Now there are people who say well. They're gonna spend all their money in the primary and they're going to have done for the general i get that's a valid concern but i think it is far better to vet the candidates through a primary process than it is to have them run without a primary and essentially that's what the democrats want they do is they want to deny someone to clarify in process of a primary and thrust them into what is essentially a general election without having been vetted in excuses that while you're all going to be on the ballot together so what i think what will happen otherwise is let's. Let's be honest here. The democrats do not have strong bench right now. That's just the honest fact name measure with the exception of stacey abrahams name a major democrat in the state you there really aren't any there you can say michael thurmond who who is is how old and been wearing and done what for how long win john barrow same situation <hes> becoming rapidly perennial candidate who were the prominent democrats in the state eight of georgia there really aren't any. You're having to go down to people like jerry boston the d._a..

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